2 thoughts on “The Supernatural

  1. Martial Champagne

    Supernatural is always present, always there. If we believe it, we get results that are beyond imagination. The spiritual realm has its own rules, its own laws. I found that believer in God and atheist will get similar results if they use the law. The main law that I use is the law of faith. What you say is what you believe. Declare what you want and don’t declare the opposite, and you will see, it activates the spiritual realm in a way that I cannot understand. But our declaration changes our mind, our belief, and sooner than we think,what we want materialize.


    1. What we speak can alter the direction of our lives. There is power in the tongue just as the Bible speaks of and I have seen tremendous blessings flow into my life by speaking positive words into the atmosphere of my life. Every day we are planting seeds -whether good or bad – of which we’ll reap a harvest. Our words are seeds as well and hold tremendous power as they permeate not only our present, but our future.


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