Excerpt from ‘Seeing Beyond the Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God’

“I was being pulled from my bed as if under the waves of the sea into a place that was gray and gloomy in appearance. It reminds me of a really overcast sky. I found myself in a building that I was unfamiliar with. This place had several small rooms and as I walked through (although I couldn’t feel myself walking), I noticed how almost colorless the whole scene, including all the rooms and everything inside the building was – just gray as far as I could see and everywhere I looked. The immediate feeling I got was one of loneliness. I felt completely, utterly alone and a shadow of uncertainty followed me everywhere I went. I didn’t understand why I was there – all I knew was that I wish I wasn’t and I yearned to be around my loved ones again. In this state, I wasn’t sure if I were dead. I thought I must be, yet I felt very much alive.”

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