‘What’s In An Apology?’ This article on my FB page got in excess of 52 shares. I was stunned!

(Originally published November, 2014)

I just had to share this message with you today:

I was in my kitchen this morning thinking about how God requires us to always forgive others no matter what they have done – no matter how painful, hurtful or disrespectful the whole matter turned out to be. I have no problem with this at all – was just thinking. Then, a question came to mind as I thought about everyone whom I had forgiven over the years (went before God and sincerely forgiven them) for some really heavy stuff and how 99% of them never came back to me and even ‘asked’ for forgiveness. I realize that some people (professed Christians especially, it seems) will know that they have done some really bad things to someone else that hurt that person’s feelings or betrayed them in some way, and purely due to pride (because they hate to admit that they’re guilty of anything) will take a chance closing their eyes to this world for good expecting to see Jesus and never, ever apologize to the person or persons they know they have wronged.

The question I asked God was: When I forgive a person even though they never came back to me and apologized, are they fully forgiven (by Him)? The answer that came back to me was that when I do that ‘I’ am fully forgiven. I realized more than ever before that it’s really not about them at all. They have to go to God for themselves and sincerely ask for His forgiveness in order to be forgiven of that offense. My forgiveness of them doesn’t give them a pat on the back or make them any less guilty of their offense in the eyes of God. They have to find it within their own hearts / consciences – first to recognize that they were wrong, be sorry for it, humbly ask God’s forgiveness and if the person they wronged is still alive, God will most likely direct them to that person to humbly ask for their forgiveness as well. My forgiveness of another assures God’s forgiveness of me for all I am sorry for and it releases /shields ‘me’ of all burdens that come with unforgiveness.

If a person has knowingly and wrongly offended another person, and never humbles him or herself to apologize, this person will never be free within his own heart and soul, and is taking a serious gamble with where he will spend eternity. Pride is the culprit and according to The Bible, it comes just before a fall. They may think they can slide into Heaven just like that. I wouldn’t want to take that chance with my soul. Would you?

Just thought this was worth sharing.

God’s response to that question really blew me away!

Take care All & have a lovely day like I am.
– Tanya Taylor

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