I just felt led to write this post today.

I just felt led to write this post today. You know… all of us go through things that are difficult, frustrating and unpleasant. We tend to think that we’re the only ones that know the draining, debilitating effect of pain, anxiety and sadness whenever situations arise that evoke those feelings. However, there are so many people going through things that are far more difficult than those circumstances we find ourselves in at times. I just learned of a loving mother who recently lost her two precious little children after trying so hard to get them back in her custody. Her case was no abuse or neglect situation — it’s a totally different sort of matter than what you might think. In the end, she was bamboozled, deceived and betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust and guess what… it was another WOMAN. This is so disheartening and if you knew the complex matter, you too would possibly be shocked by these events. Not only are the children gone… but are now in a different country from their mother. I can only imagine this single mother’s pain – a woman who loved and cherished her children, did all she could and gave all she could to get them back with her, but to no avail.

There’s so much pain that people find themselves having to deal with and many times the cause of the pain is inflicted by other people’s actions or the lack thereof. And the thing is… we’re instructed to forgive. I fully support that because if we don’t, bitterness and resentment will surely take over and we’ll murder ourselves in that way. I just hope that no matter what people are going through that they’d always keep in mind that as bad as their situation might be, there are others who have to deal with even greater – sometimes utterly unimaginable pain. So next time, when it’s our time to feel the pinch, let’s pray for others who are out there feeling it too. Let’s learn to genuinely care for one another and do our best not to hurt each other for selfish gain or for any other reason. We all have to make it through this difficult journey. If we’d help one another instead of stamping upon each other, we’d find the journey would be a bit easier.

All the best,


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