New Blog for Writers

I decided to start a new blog specifically for rendering helpful tips to aspiring authors–things I’ve learned over the years that have helped me grow in my craft. Every day (or every other day), I’d like to submit a little something that may be beneficial to writers in general. Will try to keep it short, but sweet. The name I’ve chosen for the new blog is ‘Tanya R. Taylor’s Writer’scape’. I guess you can think of it this way: When you sit down at the computer or with a notepad in hand about to jot down details for your manuscript, you escape into the world that you’ve created. Real writers actually become a part of the world they have created while it is still under development, thus the name: Writer’scape.

Here’s a link to the new blog just created recently: Go ahead and join me there too. Be sure to click ‘Follow’; It’s always nice to have you :).

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