Want to curl up with a good love story?

 5 star review for a powerful, paranormal love story:
“I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this book. I thought it would be a little supernatural tale with a small romantic spin. Well, what I got was a sad, but hauntingly beautiful tale of love lost and found, past and present. It was so well written and I cried like a baby in the end. I’ll definitely check out more work by this author, I’d like to see what other spooky stories she has to offer.”
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2 thoughts on “Want to curl up with a good love story?

  1. I do so agree! “Cornelius” is tear jerking and inspiring. The author cleverly weaves the past into the present. Just loved it and also enjoyed the author’s second book in this saga, “Revenge of Cornelius” – perhaps even more! Strangely enough, I never read this genre until I read Tanya R. Taylor’s work. Now I am hooked on her books!


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