Today’s Wisdom Key

If you cannot uplift someone, don’t risk the repercussions attached to trying to bring them down. Malicious behavior always finds its way back to you in one form or the other. If you examine yourself and acknowledge your own short-comings, you would not have the mindset or heart to judge what you deem to be the missteps of another.

Excerpt: HAUNTED CRUISE (Coming May 22, 2016).

Excerpt: HAUNTED CRUISE (Coming May 22, 2016).

She felt the anger boiling up inside of her. She had done everything she could possibly think of to get him to recognize the error of his ways, to get help, and to get their life and marriage on track. He refused to look in the mirror of his soul — perhaps too painful a task it was, but his resistance was in the meanwhile eating away at his marriage like a cancer eating away at the bones until there was nothing left to destroy; nothing left to kill; nothing left to revive.




This is going to be one unforgettable journey across the deep, blue sea. No member of the crew could have ever imagined it. Will they survive the upcoming terror or will they be so frightened that they’d opt to find an easier way out?

Dellie Hayworth has landed a job with one of the largest shipbuilding companies after years of unemployment. She is sent off to sea with her marriage in shambles and seemingly beyond repair.  For two weeks, she will reside in the luxury vessel, ‘The Caesar’, in anticipation of what awaits her when she returns home. However, neither she, nor any other member of the crew can fathom what awaits them in the middle of the ocean.

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Today’s Wisdom Key

The simplest solution to the problems the world faces in a nutshell is love. Love that is genuine in nature consisting of compassion, sensitivity to the feelings and plight of others, a willingness to make another person’s life better: the only kind there really is. There is no other kind of true love. Love is absent of greed, maliciousness, callousness, insensitivity, selfishness. If only love was practiced in the true sense of the word, our human existence would be one of harmony and peace in spite of our many differences. The problem is that everyone is looking at everyone else to make a change when each person should really be looking inside of himself and let the change begin there.

Where the idea for ‘Cornelius’ came from.

My brother and I used to go “exploring” a lot as kids on a property much like the CorneliusCORNELIUAPRIL2016 cover - JPEG plantation mentioned in my book, Cornelius. That’s where I got the idea for the book from and waited many years before getting around to writing it. The  property was large and overgrown with trees and tall bushes, and somewhere in the middle sat this large, two-storey house that had long been abandoned. There were broken windows, missing doors, chipped paint, and the place held an air to it that made me wonder who used to live there  and why it had been abandoned. I never found out the real story about that house, but a fictional one soon took form inside my mind.

I’m very happy that I wrote Cornelius  when I did (although decades after first getting the idea) as the story seemed to touch that special spot in people’s hearts even though it’s a spooky, paranormal tale. Many have gone on to read the sequel, Revenge of Cornelius, which was released in December 2015.

As I know people are wondering, I am now ready to reveal that there will certainly be more upcoming books added to the Cornelius saga (each one a stand-alone). Initially, they will be focused on little six-year-old Rosie and her mother, Mira — the surviving members of the Cullen family with that very “special gift”. If you’d like to be notified of new releases, you can sign up on the new releases page indicated at the top of this screen.

Revenge of Cornelius is currently on a countdown deal at Amazon, so if you haven’t read it as yet, you’d might as well grab it now. Hope you enjoy.

Revenge of Cornelius Newest cover(NO GHOT GIRL ON TOP) FINAL2.JPEG