Excerpt: HAUNTED CRUISE: The Shakedown

I decided to post a little excerpt from my latest book ‘Haunted Cruise: The Shakedown’, but first of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all of your support. The book has been well received since being released on May 22nd and I’m really thankful for that. I dedicated it to my son on his fourteenth birthday and although he likes mostly comic books, I’m sure he’ll read this one. 🙂

To those who haven’t yet read it, if you’ve ever felt unappreciated by your significant other, what Dellie went through with her husband, Rob, might resonate with you. Sometimes when we get attached to a person, we don’t realize that there might be invisible “baggage” that they’re carrying along with them. Baggage that could affect their behavior Big Time. The problem is figuring out how to deal with it. Not only did Dellie have to contend with this, she had no idea that what she was about to face in the coming days would be far more severe and heart-wrenching than a trip to divorce court.


Excerpt: Chapter One

“I’ve had enough of you! You’ll never change. And for your information, I fell out of love with you ages ago!” Dellie snarled, looking squarely into her husband’s hazel eyes. He had never remembered her being so angry.

“How can you say that?” Rob replied with disappointment that heavily weighed on him. “We’ve built a life together for seven years. Seven years!”

“You’ve built a life for yourself, Rob Hayworth. You’ve walked all over me and treated me like a friggin’ doormat. What else did you expect?” She scanned his face for a logical response. “Did you think I’d let your ice-cold treatment of me all these years with you showing up at all hours of the morning just slide by? For Heaven’s sake, you walked in with a freakin’ smile on your face countless times after I’ve been sitting up half the night waiting for you, wondering if you’d had an accident. And you didn’t even have the decency to pick up a phone and call. You’re an evil man, a monster, my greatest enemy and I hope you rot in hell!”

She turned away and picked up her suitcase. “While I’m gone, think about finding someplace else to live. I don’t want you here when I get back.”

“Dell… let’s just talk about this. You know what kind of life I’ve had before I met you.  I’m trying. What more can I do?” He raised his hands hopelessly.

“You weren’t trying hard enough and that last show of disrespect toward me as your wife was the last. You can be with that tramp because we’re over!”

“But we never did anything, Dell. I keep telling you that! Someone told you they saw us holding hands and you want to throw away our marriage for that?”

Dellie dropped her suitcase and stood boldly in front of him. “I didn’t throw anything away, Rob. You did! And don’t pretend like you haven’t had affairs before. You’ve treated me like trash for far too long and now that I’m standing on my own two feet with a good, steady job, you suddenly think I’m worthy of respect? I’m now worthy to be your wife? You must be kidding!”

She turned away and Rob reached for her arm.

Dellie glanced at his hand, then looked into his eyes. They no longer made her feel all tingly inside like they used to. As handsome a man that Rob was, nothing about him was appealing to her anymore. “If you don’t get your hand off of me at this very moment, my martial arts training will come in handy just about now,” she calmly said.

Although the little lady’s skills were no match for his physical strength and stature, Rob slowly released his grip.

Dellie picked up her suitcase again and headed for the front door.

“Dell, I’m…”

“Save it!” she said before slamming the door behind her.

Rob went after her, but halted as far as the doorway. He stood watching as she headed toward the silver Chevrolet parked out front. The car’s engine was running and the morning air held a slight mist that gathered around the hood of the vehicle. Dellie, dressed in a pair of loosely-fitted, washed-out blue jeans, a white pullover with sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a black cap on her head, walked hurriedly toward her ride. Gwen was at the wheel looking as she approached, glancing back a couple of times at Rob standing in the doorway.

 “Dell!” he called again as his wife hopped inside the car.

Gwen sat there unsure of what to do.

“Let’s go,” Dellie told her.

Gwen looked back at Rob one last time before pulling off. She glanced at her friend a few yards down the road. “I suppose you told him.”

Dellie’s focus was straight ahead. “Yeah. I did.” She sighed.

“Guess he didn’t take it well at all, huh?”


Gwen could sense that the decision was a difficult one. She touched Dellie’s arm. “Everything will be all right. It’ll just take time.”

“I know,” Dellie replied softly. “I know.”


This is going to be one unforgettable journey across the deep, blue sea.

Dellie Hayworth has landed a job with one of the largest shipbuilding companies after years of unemployment. She is sent off to sea with her marriage in shambles and seemingly beyond repair. For two weeks, she will reside in the luxury vessel, ‘The Caesar’, in anticipation of what awaits her when she returns home. However, she, nor any other member of the crew, can fathom what awaits them in the middle of the ocean.


This book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iStore, Kobo, and other online retailers.

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