What a Review!

I’m so grateful to have received a review like this for my book Revenge of Cornelius from a seasoned reviewer. It just blew me away. Since then, I decided to offer the book FREE for a limited time. It’s book two in the “Cornelius Saga”; Cornelius, which landed in the #1 bestseller spot this past November is book one in the series. Each part of the series, however, can stand alone. Just had to share this review. Comments such as this reminds authors that their hard work is not in vain, but well worth it. This, along with others, really made me feel good about all the time I’ve put in and all the sacrifices I’ve made to write my books.  🙂

I hope it inspires someone else also to keep moving forward; keep pressing on and if writing is your passion – to never give up! Actually, whatever your goals and dreams are I encourage you the same – never give up! Let’s encourage one another.

By Mallory Heart Reviews on June 17, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Review of REVENGE OF CORNELIUS by Tanya R. Taylor

“Now this author rocks. I read CORNELIUS last evening, and immediately followed it with the sequel, REVENGE OF CORNELIUS, today. Hmmhmmhmm. Tanya Taylor knows how to elicit readers’ emotions and make our heartstrings both thrum like a harp and weep bitter tears. Following the first book, in which a yearning ghost from slavery times appears to a young girl, asking for help to find her missing love, the ghost’s killer reawakens to brutally haunt and terrorize a young black family who have purchased and renovated his long-abandoned plantation house. I found my emotional range stretched in multiple directions by these two books, which I might even classify as paranormal women’s literature. [better yet, good human literature!]”


You may download your free copy of Revenge of Cornelius HERE.


Revenge of Cornelius Newest cover(NO GHOT GIRL ON TOP) FINAL2.JPEG







2 thoughts on “What a Review!

  1. Wow! This is an amazing review, Tanya! No wonder you’re excited about it. She absolutely hits the nail on the head. Her comments about “Revenge of Cornelius” and also “Cornelius” are spot on. I loved both of these books and can’t wait for the next one in this series!

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    1. Author - Tanya R. Taylor

      Yes, I’m thrilled, Fay. Thanks so much for your kind words and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series thus far. Looking forward to ‘CARA’ (the third book in the series) myself!


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