CARA – Book 3 of the Cornelius Saga

Coming November 7th!


Young Rosie Cullen has found a new friend in a mysterious loner named Cara. Rosie knows her only by her first name, but feels she has an obligation to be there for her in an otherwise lonely existence. Mira, Rosie’s gifted mother, allows the budding friendship for a time, but soon senses that something isn’t quite right.

Dark, disturbing secrets involving the strange little girl begin to surface and the Cullens will eventually discover that what they initially thought was a worthy deed has turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare.

A Stand-alone series.

                         Book 1                                                        Book 2

CORNELIUAPRIL2016 cover - JPEGRevenge of Cornelius Newest cover(NO GHOT GIRL ON TOP) FINAL2.JPEG


5 thoughts on “CARA – Book 3 of the Cornelius Saga

  1. Love the cover and the plot looks great! What I like about Tanya R. Taylor’s books is that they always keep you on the edge of the seat and are a quick read. There are never any slow parts that can bog down a plot.

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    1. Fay, they do keep ya on the edge of your seat and are a quick read, but are a brilliantly crafted quick read. I don’t think “bogging” is in Tanya R. Taylor’s DNA!


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