It’s Official! The Book Launch Countdown to Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes Starts Today!

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celebrate3The countdown to my debut novel, Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes, has officially started. I am over the moon with excitement. I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little girl. My dream has always been to tell stories to inspire readers, to touch their lives, to nest in their hearts, and to nourish their insides.

Next month I will cross the bridge from a writer who scribes a sundry of subjects ranging from editorial issues, celebrity interviews, reviews, book blurbs, screenplays, lyrics, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes to that of published author. Yes, cookie cakes, I will join the ranks of the magical writers who have inspired me, who inspire me and who will inspire me. I will stand side by side with an array of remarkable writers who have mentored me from the moment I wanted to cross over from the realm of…

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7 thoughts on “It’s Official! The Book Launch Countdown to Even Tough Women Crack Like Eggs Sometimes Starts Today!

      1. You’re most welcome! I was interested to read about how as a child you wrote stories for your dolls, pets and your cousin! Even back then you were writing for your readers, which is so important for an author to do. Many writers write only for themselves.

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      2. I am blushing and giggling as I read your words, Fay. I refrained from going into further detail about my “reading audience” because I am not too sure how big it would go over that I read to the birds, squirrels, sky, sun, and trees when I didn’t have my listeners with me. Hahaha!!! Well, at least I fit the definition of eccentric writer, huh? 😉

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  1. How lovely! You were very expressive as a child. I used to read to my two cousins, who were a little younger than me and they still speak fondly of the crazy little stories I made up for them. One of them also remembers a long absolutely nonsense word I invented!


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