Remains to be Seen (An Old Sea Harbor Novel)



Title: Remains to be Seen
Publisher House: J Fox Ink™ Publishing
Imprint: Little Jake™ Young Adult 
Author: Diane Morasco

Release date: Spring 2017
Series: The Old Sea Harbor Young Adult Series from Little Jake™

Diane Morasco invites readers to Old Sea Harbor, Long Island where spirits exist among the living…

Arabella “Babe” Morgan is a descendent of spirit healer Vivianna Grace Diamant Spencer and the notorious Irish mobster Joseph John “Leave ‘em Sleeping” Spencer. Life in Old Sea Harbor, New York, a small beach town on the South Shore of Long Island is anything but idyllic. Babe has inherited Vivianna’s gift of seeing spirits; although, Babe views it as more of a curse. As a spirit healer, it’s Babe’s calling to expel the malicious spirits from the earth and lead the dead back to their proper resting places.

When Babe takes a pet sitting job for the Miller family who just…

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