Excerpt: 10 Minutes before Sleeping

Excerpt: 10 Minutes before Sleeping

I shouldn’t be sitting here before you right now. We had such great plans for our future, so I have to wonder, how did I end up like this? How did we end up like this? Why am I even bothering to speak with you? Does it even matter? I mean…how could it ever make a difference after all that’s been said and done?

My life is over. I became a failure the moment I was conceived by adults who cared nothing about me. A father who was ashamed of me and a mother who had “better” things to do with her life than raise her only child. My kids might be okay in spite of it all, but how will I ever know? Are you willing to help me or is this just a story for you to tell — straight from the horse’s mouth?

There was a slight clearing of the throat from somewhere within the large, scantily-filled room, but other than that, one could hear a pin drop. The woman sitting opposite Eva in a cold, steel chair with the rounded seat simply looked on, unaware for the first time in her career of what her response to a mere question should be. But Eva was clearly different from all the others she had spent her valuable time with. This thirty-one year-old Cuban-Haitian was no regular detainee. This woman had a story to tell and Trina Hines – undoubtedly sophisticated and classy in almost every sense – would step on anyone or anything to ensure that she was the first one Eva would tell it to.

Don’t miss this powerful story. One that will likely linger in your mind for years to come.



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