Interview With Tanya R. Taylor, Author of Infestation

Thanks to Yawatta Hosby for this Women’s Horror Month interview.


In celebration of Women’s Horror Month, please welcome my special guest Tanya R. Taylor, author in mostly the paranormal/supernatural genre. Please enjoy her insightful interview.   1. D…

Source: Interview With Tanya R. Taylor, Author of Infestation

Never push a woman to her limit when all she knows is pain.

New Release Tomorrow (Feb. 25th) by Tanya R. Taylor!

From the highly anticipated novel: ’10 Minutes before Sleeping’

A Cold Place in Hell – An Introduction

“I wasn’t supposed to end up like this. I know my dreams seemed impossible, considering how everything started, but I thought I could overcome the hurdles, the tongue-lashing, the insults I heard that never stopped ringing in my ears all these years later. I just wanted a happy existence with my Prince Charming, my kids, in a nice, cozy house with a white, picket fence all around. I know I didn’t deserve any of that, but it doesn’t mean I never thought I could have it someday. And for a little while, I did.

“I shouldn’t be sitting here right now. He and I had amazing plans for our future. So I have to wonder, how did I end up like this? How did ‘we’ end up like this? I also seriously wonder why I’m even bothering to speak with you. Does it matter at all? I mean…how could it ever make a difference after all that’s been said and done?

“You and I both know my life is over. I was a failure the moment I was conceived by adults who cared nothing about me. A father who was ashamed of me and a mother who had better things to do with her life than raise her only child. My children might be okay in spite of it all, but how will I ever know? Are you willing to help me or is this just a ‘story’ for you to tell — straight from the horse’s mouth?”

Someone cleared their throat from somewhere within the large, scantily-filled room, but other than that, one could hear a pin drop. The woman sitting at the opposite side of the table simply looked on, unaware for the first time in her thriving career what her response to a mere question should be. But Eva was clearly different from all the others she had deemed worthy of an interview. This thirty-two year-old Cuban-Haitian was no regular detainee. This woman had a story to tell and Trina Hines, undoubtedly sophisticated and classy in almost every sense, would step on anyone or anything to ensure that she was the first one Eva would tell it to.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Deception does not herald Favor. True favor, which comes from God, propels you into greatness and takes you places you otherwise could not have travelled. Achieving goals by means of deceit is only temporary as the plummet is inevitable. You may hide from other human beings, but you cannot hide from God, so Honesty is still the best policy. Having a good moral compass is what heralds in life-long blessings and favor that will astound you.

So Excited!

Okay, I’ve been so busy as of late, I barely came up for air. That’s why I wasn’t able to blog for a while. Decided to pop in and touch base as I’m very excited about my upcoming release that I’ve literally broken my own record with. Writing five or six thousand words in a day was something I could do without trying, but with 10 Minutes before Sleeping there was a particular day when I wrote nine thousand words – Yes, 9000! I had never written that many words in a day prior to that. The thoughts just flowed so freely. I was astonished – to say the least.

I’m clearing out my schedule now and getting ready for the release which will happen on the 25th of this month. I am also pleased with the response I’ve gotten to it already. Thanks to everyone who have been so supportive of me over the past couple of years. I can’t express how much I truly appreciate my readers. No words would be good enough. Nevertheless I say, with a humble heart, thank you. 🙂

Will touch base again soon with more Wisdom Keys. Please forgive me for falling behind on them a bit.

All the best!