A Romantic Suspense by Fay Knowles

I just love this book and also the updated cover!


Love at Sunset is set in several geographical locations and has so many interesting scenes throughout the plot. Scandalous, yet beautifully romantic is how I would describe it. There are no boring parts in my opinion and I was amazed how it ended.


This is Fay’s Blurb:

Facing imminent danger and fierce opposition to love a second time around, Violet and Gordon seek a new life thousands of miles away, but trouble soon catches up with them. The couple finds themselves in and out of one adventure after another!

In the meantime, an unscrupulous attorney appears on the scene, along with a crooked realtor. What they do and the extent they would go to leads to a shocking ending. Greed, jealousy, family secrets and bitter grudges worm their way throughout this story!

The novel grew out of the author’s short story Love at Sunset, first published in The Lady magazine, London, England, and which later appeared in her book Sunbeams from the Heart – A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories. Here, by popular demand, is the full story of Violet and Gordon and their undying love for each other, despite all odds.

Here’s the AMAZON LINK.


Below is her first book of short stories. I cannot say enough about this particular read, and I urge Fay to come out soon with another collection!



The Blurb:

A BEAUTIFUL KEEPSAKE! Love themes in this delightful collection of romantic short stories tell of nostalgia, bright new beginnings, homecoming, second chances – and the unexpected!
HEART-WARMING STORIES that propel you on a journey through Scotland, England, The Bahamas and rural America.
“HUGELY POPULAR…Charming and surprising”: “The Lady” magazine, London, England, wrote about one of Fay Knowles’ short stories, first published in “The Lady” and now appearing in “Sunbeams from the Heart”.
“These stories are very sweet and refreshing.”
“I have bought your Kindle book today and will enjoy reading it when I’m on boring train journeys!”





Fay Knowles is a Scottish author living in The Bahamas. She has been writing since the age of nine, penned a children’s adventure book at eleven and won a school essay competition at age fifteen.

After leaving school at sixteen, she trained in Devon, England, as a secretary, then newspaper reporter. At the age of twenty she set off to “work her way around the world”, first emigrating by ship to Canada. She worked as an editorial assistant for the former Canadian Food Journal and Gift Buyer, Toronto, for a few months. And then, to avoid a Canadian winter and to seek sunny climes, she took a Greyhound coach down across the U.S. from Toronto to Miami, en route for The Bahamas. She met her future husband Erskine in Nassau a month after that and they were married the following year. She jokes: “I never did travel the world”!

As well as getting by-lines in Bahamian newspapers, Fay’s articles have appeared in Westward News (a former in house publication of British Telecom), the Kennel Gazette (official journal of the British Kennel Club), Christian Herald, and Sports Magazine Bahamas.

Her writing assignments have included articles for Bahamas Information Services, travel writing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and as a photo journalist for Town Centre Mall, Nassau, Bahamas. She once worked as a “temp” for the late Sir Etienne Dupuch, former Publisher/Editor of The Tribune, Nassau, transcribing his long, captivating editorials.

Fay’s short stories have been published in The Lady magazine, London, England, and The Broadkill Review, Delaware, U.S.A.; with poetry in the U.K. magazine Evergreen. Most of her short stories in Sunbeams from the Heart – A Collection of Twelve Romantic Short Stories were first published in The Lady or The Broadkill Review. And the author drew on her Scottish background and knowledge of The Bahamas when writing her romantic suspense novel Love at Sunset.


Connect with Fay at www.fayknowles.com



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