New Excerpts: The Lost Children of Atlantis

Now a Kindle Bestseller! Thanks to all my readers. 🙂

Here are two more excerpts from my latest release:

Excerpt 1:

As he approached, he spotted something in the water. “What in the world?” A smile wider than the Mississippi River stretched across his face. “Is that a mer…maid?”

She was right there in the water; actually mostly on top of the water, twisting her body rhythmically to a melody he couldn’t hear. Her straight, jet-black hair hung loosely on her shoulders and perfectly tanned skin was covered only by a shimmering, gold brassiere. The long, fitted blue skirt glistened under the sun’s rays. She was the most provocative, alluring female specimen he had ever seen, and what’s better is that she was calling him with the constant curling of her index finger. The very sight of her awakened feelings and urges within his thin body that he thought were pretty much dead.


Excerpt 2:

Drufus’ relentless commotion had been drowned out from the moment Fritz spotted the lovely lady. The closer he got to her, he realized she was no mermaid at all. Those little feet of hers were clear on top of the water now and from the looks of her, she would have had to be somewhere between nineteen and twenty-one years old. Annabelle, Matilda’s mom was nineteen when he met her at the community college. He knew it was love at first sight and for the life of him couldn’t keep his hands off of her. Getting caught making out in the otherwise empty locker room after-hours is the one indiscretion that caused him that good paying job. Seems like his lust for beautiful women had only brought him trouble in the past.

“Fritz…” the woman spoke in a tantalizing tone of voice as he had closed the gap between them by less than ten feet.

He couldn’t get to his seductive life-line fast enough.

“We’ve been waiting for you…”

In the midst of his excitement, Fritz suddenly became confused. “We? Wait. How…how you know my name?”

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