Shadows & Spellcraft featuring CHRIS COLEMAN

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When Fifteen-year-old Alecia starts a job at Grandpa Dan’s Asian imports store in downtown Seattle, she didn’t expect much from it.

But one night, a powerful Fae creature begs her to save him and promises unimaginable rewards for doing so.

Bargains are made, and powers are granted, launching Alecia into a magical adventure she isn’t prepared for.

This is the first novel in the Magic Parcel Service series.


About the Author

Chris Coleman started writing after attending a writing conference, which included an opportunity to pitch a book to an editor/agent. Even though he hadn’t yet written a single word of fiction, he pitched an idea he came up with on the elevator ride down. After a couple of editors requested to read more, he realized he needed to put the story to paper.
He has a love for reading started when he was four and blossomed in 7th grade when a friendly librarian introduced him to The Wizard of Earthsea. Now he enjoys urban fantasy like The Dresden Files and the Mercy Thompson series.

When he isn’t writing young adult urban fantasy stories, he programs PHP, practices Korean, and listens to K-pop.

He currently lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife and their children.


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Shadows and Spellcraft

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