Shadows & Spellcraft featuring Jenn Windrow

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Vampire Alexis Black is on a mission – to rejoin the human race.

But how does a vampire become human again?

She signs an iron-clad contract with an angel-with-an-attitude. A contract that requires her to kill one vampire, werewolf, or creepy-crawly every night for fifty years.

The reward for killing without conscience – her humanity. The punishment for refusal – her death.

Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain. Her new insatiable bloodlust. Or the I-hate-everything-with-fangs human sidekick.

But when a revenge seeking bloodsucker tries to turn her city into an all-you-can-suck buffet, Alexis has to fang up to ensure there is a humanity to return to.

Author Bio

Jenn Windrow loves characters who have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced stories she loves to read and write. Home is a suburb of it’s-so-hot-my-shoes-have-melted-to-the-pavement Phoenix. Where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and a slew of animals that seem to keep following her home, at least that’s what she claims.


Shadows And Spellcraft

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Shadows and Spellcraft

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