Are you insecure?

(Women Issues #3)

These days, many girls are growing up insecure about themselves. The reason why I state “insecure about themselves” is because they tend to be looking for security within someone else, leaving themselves completely out of the equation. It’s so important for every girl to embrace and accept who she is and to not rely on others to make her feel special or important. If her security comes from outside sources, she never truly sees herself as a “whole”, but as a fragment of someone else’s perceptions, emotions or sentiments as they relate to her. She then, in turn, grows up to be a “needy” woman, always feeling as if she’s lacking something, which is completeness. Her negative viewpoint becomes the steering wheel in her life and she struggles well into adulthood and for many–old age. That’s not how any woman is supposed to live. We are so much more. We can do so much more.

‘I Didn’t Know I Was Beautiful: The Real & Raw Facts That Every Woman on the Planet Should Know’ is now available at AMAZON as an ebook and in paperback. Also available to read in Kindle Unlimited.




“A fantastic, enlightening, uplifting and positive self-help book, that every woman, from 9-99 years of age, should be given to read and learn from; its core message is to embrace, enjoy and experience life, self-esteem and relationships (including, primarily with oneself), to the utmost and to enable each and every one of us to move ahead along Life’s path, in the right direction.”

“A well written and clearly defined self-help guide.”

“Filled to the brim with very timely acute self-help advice for Women…”

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