Quantity vs. Quality

I’ve been reflecting on something lately that has to do with the sincerity and quality of friendships. When choosing our friends, we aim to be around and associate with like-minded people. People who share similar interests and basic morals, etc. People who brighten our world and not darken it. People who are sincere and honest, no matter the cost. Not that friends will agree with each other about everything because people have their own opinions about different things, and in a way that can be a good and healthy thing. However, when you find that your core beliefs are different pertaining to right and wrong, and those things that affect human beings and societies as a whole, you may have a problem and may need to examine that friendship. I know a lot of people, but there are few people I call my friends because I take friendship very seriously. From time to time, you have to weed out the ones in the batch that have proven to be disingenuous and shady. That’s for your own good. People like that, at any moment, can turn on you because they lack basic morals and principles. If, for instance, you believe that what Hitler did to those Jews was horrible and your friend acts as if there wasn’t really anything wrong with it, you need to examine that friendship. If you see something that adversely affects other people and you’re heart-broken about it and your friend doesn’t seem to care one iota, you need to examine that friendship. If you see your friend is nosy and tends to gossip about everybody, what makes you think they don’t already do the same thing to you–running you down behind your back? Surely, people have certain views and opinions, but there are some things that cannot and should not be compromised. I personally cannot deal with people who refuse to put right where right is and wrong where wrong is. If they ever get the opportunity to stand up for you, they won’t do it. If there is no sincerity, no compassion, no heart, no meeting of the minds that speak truth and desire goodness to prevail, then maybe that friendship is nothing but a sham. How can two walk together unless they agree–at least on those things that matter the most in this life? How can a person who is truthful (who calls a spade a spade) have a meaningful friendship with someone who is shady and pretentious? That doesn’t compute. If it doesn’t uplift you, it’s bringing you down. Friendship is never about quantity, but quality. Just a reflection.

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