New Book in Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series!

I’m so happy to announce that book six in my popular “Blind Books” series will be out this coming Saturday, October 31st–HALLOWEEN!

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Lucille has a humongous task on her hand. Her success or failure to convince the powers that be to grant the seemingly bizarre request of her “unwelcome guests” will directly affect the life of every resident of her beloved Harriet’s Cove. And as daunting a task as it is, she believes the said request is not unreasonable, but actually well deserved. Yet, how does one elderly, blind woman accomplish such a mission when the forces out there are clearly against her, placing her mercilessly between the proverbial rock and a hard place?

Will Lucille be able to save her cozy neighborhood of Harriet’s Cove or will everything go up in flames?

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