Soooo exciting! Today is the day!

“…A cross between Carrie at the prom and a scene from The Shining.” – BookBub reviewer

“The Shining move over.”- Goodreads reviewer

An unforgettable high school reunion!

Dr. Mira Cullen gets an invitation to her high school reunion ball. It’s hyped to be a memorable event, but not in the way anyone expects! Rosie is thrilled that her mom will be reconnecting with her high school friends, but what neither of them realizes is that not everyone coming has happy memories of the past and someone may have a sinister plan to “unite” them forever. Another chilling thrill ride in the popular Cornelius Saga series that will lock you in from the first paragraph and leave you thinking twice before you decide to attend your next reunion — of any sort!

“The riveting drama rises exponentially throughout this impeccably plotted tale of love, betrayal, secrets, lies, hatred and redemption, as the wonderful Tanya R. Taylor proves yet again she’s a genius, at keeping up the nails-on-a-blackboard, nerve-shredding tension, that means you’ll be glued to the edge of your seat right to the very last word!” -Goodreads reviewer


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