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Are you enjoying The Nosy Paralegal Mystery Series? The second book RED VELVET & MURDER has received some wonderful reviews since its release on February 10th and I’m very grateful that readers are finding this series so interesting.

I’ve got some great news today: The books in that series now have new covers to show off! They are all just below, and if you’ve missed any of the published books, you may click on the covers to get your copy.

Another interesting bit of news is that each book in The Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series now has a subtitle; the updated covers will be uploaded to Amazon today. Those who’ve read this series might agree that the subtitles fit the stories perfectly.

Enjoy all of the offers today, including several books I’ve included by author friends.

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Series overview:

Or will Barbara Sandosa uncover something that no one would have ever suspected about her warm and loving neighbors?
Was it a tragic murder-suicide, as initial reports suggest?

Barbara Sandosa, a pastry lover and avid cook, works in her small town’s most reputable law firm.

And although she’s been hired to do a particular job, she finds herself prying into the private lives of her boss’s clients, unbeknownst to them and drags young Harry Buford along for the “rocky” ride. What she uncovers in some cases shocks the innocent minds of those in her community, including her level-headed boss who’s being handsomely paid to defend all who have retained his services.

Will Barbara’s curiosity literally save the day or will it get her into deep trouble – possibly costing her her job?

Dr. Mira Cullen is made aware of the plight of her boss’s family and feels compelled to help in any way she can. After embarking upon the investigation using nothing but the unusual gifts she’d been born with, will she bring satisfactory closure to the puzzling mystery or will she discover something involving the missing children that is most unfathomable and disturbing?


The Ultimate collection complete with 15 books in this hugely popular adventure-packed supernatural thriller series. Number one bestsellers included.

Adventures, mysteries, ghosts, witches, artifacts, and missing corpses are familiar territory to the Cullens!

* It all started when two teenagers trespassed on the grounds of a former plantation – an innocent mistake that changed their lives forever.

Mira and her daughter Rosie Cullen share an amazing gift some people may love to have and others quietly thank their lucky stars that they don’t. Once you meet the Cullens, however, you’d want to go on every thrilling adventure they will ever have. If you’re not a reader of this series yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! Don’t take Tanya’s word for it. Read the reviews starting with her number one bestseller ‘Cornelius’.

“BRILLIANT!” – Amazon customer

“This sweet series of books is hard to put down. A teenage friendship cemented by strange events and tested over time.” – Amazon customer

Four friends went fishing for just a few hours – only to return to a community they could no longer recognize.

The events which occurred in that town were so unimaginable that residents refused, decades later, to utter a single word about it.

Will Hewey Spader and the others ever get to the bottom of what’s really going on or will the truth surrounding that fateful day remain a mystery?



A murdered mistress, eyewitness that is running for her life, prime suspect…son of a prominent politician.

Helping people who prey on women isn’t what Margot likes to do. But a job is a job, especially when it comes to finding the truth.
A prominent politician’s son is accused of breaking into a women’s shelter and killing a woman. The only person who may be able to shed the light on this incident is hiding.

Tracking her down isn’t easy, but finding her before she is silenced forever, looks nearly impossible.

Join Private Investigator Margot Harris in this riveting read that will keep you on the edge of your seat with plenty of twists and turns and a hint of humor.

This book is book 1 in Margot Harris Mystery Series 4, which can be read as a stand-alone book but is best enjoyed as a series.

Martin, the Prince of Escondida and the heir to the throne, has been captured.

King Mateo enlists the help of Lucia and her team of highly trained spies to find Martin and bring him home. As they search for him, Lucia must come to terms with her growing feelings for the prince. As part of the team, Princess Liliana, musters all of her courage and leans heavily on her spy training to assist in getting her brother back. Will they arrive in time to save the heir?

Martin’s captors want to know about the legendary treasure of Escondida, rumored to be enough wealth to take power. When he is questioned, Martin must decide if he should tell them what he knows or stay quiet. Does the young prince know where the treasure is and will he give up its location before help arrives?

Join the team as they embark on this new mission. Grab your copy today and fall in love with the Mediterranian island country of Escondida.

When a dead body is found floating in their hotel pool and her son is the only person around, Daphne knew their lives were about to change.

Single mother, Daphne Verdon, only wanted a relaxing trip and time to reconnect with her son Chase.

But now, Daphne must do all that she can to find the killer to prove her son’s innocence.

Chase has made bad choices in the past, but Daphne knows her son isn’t a murderer.

Daphne doesn’t know who she can trust on this island of secrets, but how can she find The Deep End Killer alone?

The killer makes it very clear, they aren’t happy with all the snooping around, and Daphne comes to fear for her own life.

Anything can happen in Monta Nuela, the beautiful island with dark secrets.

Bridget leaves the city life for a position to teach at the West Fork Ranch, even though her mother and father are set against her going.

Although the rancher, Randal, is elated to have her there, his two brothers are not.

The brothers work hard to try to force her off the ranch by spreading rumors about her and even going so far as to abduct her in order to instill fear.

Bridget falls in love with Randal, and cares deeply for his daughter, Bella, who had been abandoned by her birth mother years before.

But Bridget feels forced to leave the ranch because she just can’t take the gossip and threats anymore.

Small town life is not at all like the city life that she left behind at all.

Will her love for Randal and Bella be enough to bring her back to the ranch?

What will happen when Randal goes to the city to find her and try to win her back?

Will Bridget’s father agree that Bridget may marry him and leave the city life for good?


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Never judge a book by its cover…

Victoria Mason has the perfect life – a successful career, a doting husband and now a baby on the way. She’d spent the better part of a decade fixing what had nearly destroyed her and she can now inspire others.

But someone is keeping a dreadful secret that threatens to ruin everything she holds dear.

Will such a secret result in murder? And if so, will it be her own?


Father Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and oftentimes are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, a bit of humor – and surprise after surprise!

Even upper class, “proper” folk can be murder suspects!

Despite their colorful past, Lucille is invited by Mayor Terrance Bradley to a special charity ball – Chadsworth’s largest annual fund-raising event. Her Shih Tzu, Vanilla, will be there too.

Rubbing shoulders with the town’s elite, Lucille is convinced that the night has been a raging success…until the mayor’s new assistant and organizer of the esteemed event, Edna Folsakee, faints right there at the dinner table. When paramedics arrive, to everyone’s horror, the woman is pronounced DEAD at the scene.

With shocking gossip relentlessly creeping its way through the grapevine, Lucille digs deeper into Edna’s death and is stunned by what she uncovers.

Did Edna Folsakee really die of natural causes?
Or was she murdered at the gala ball?

Read the Haunted Places Series Today

Some places are haunted.

And some people are too.

At your own risk, enter the realm of the unknown with these delectably terrifying tales of haunted places and scary spaces. Will those affected make it out alive or at the very least…in their right frame of mind?