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Evil lurks in the most unlikely places. Can this town be saved or will it go straight to Hell?

“The best book ever!”
“A true thriller in every sense.”

“You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this book.”

Get ready for a showdown unlike anything you’ve ever seen!!

The town of Bringham–once a peaceful, God-fearing community, suddenly finds itself in a major crisis.

Strange things are happening which defy logic even in the slightest sense of the word. Yet, one resident has seen the devastation before-hand and knows that if something isn’t done quickly to eradicate the evil that is upon them, the town they know and love will be a distant, tragic memory.

What no one can possibly fathom is that the seemingly pious and good-natured may be the reason the darkness has found its way to Bringham in the first place.

As you pay close attention to this story, each episode will bring you closer and closer to the truth.