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Has Lucille Pfiffer finally unraveled the age-old mystery surrounding real estate tycoon Sir Clement Tucker’s murder?

And if so, does it come with deadly consequences?

Lucille and best friend Merlene find themselves in “hot water” after snooping around a neighbor’s house in search of answers. What they discover is completely unexpected. Vanilla, Lucille’s precious Shih Tzu, must see that they all leave the premises unharmed, but considering her little size, is she strong or skillful enough to accomplish such a task? If Lucille gets her way, a shocking scheme buried deeply within the entrails of Chadsworth’s elite will be exposed – once and for all.

SERIES OVERVIEW: Lucille Pfiffer sees, but not with her eyes.

She lives with her beloved dog Vanilla in a cozy neighborhood that is quite “active” due to what occurred in the distant past. Though totally blind, she plays an integral role in helping to solve pressing and puzzling mysteries, one right after the other, which, without her, might remain unsolved. The question is: How can she do any of that with such a handicap?

Every family has some level of dysfunction…but not every one has a Murder.

The Ziglars were a good, Christian family. So, they knew how to handle their disagreements in a loving, godly way.

Or did they?

Lottie Ziglar’s confession to Father Joe that rainy Friday afternoon propelled him to take a closer look at the Ziglar family and to examine an event that their faith-filled community never saw coming in a million years.


Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and often times are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, a bit of humor – and surprise after surprise!

“What a page Turner! From page one of book one, the edge of my seat was where I remained! Fabulous!”- Amazon customer


Trent Matheson struggles to keep his true identity a secret from all those around him, including the love of his life. After losing the only one privy to his past and who had guarded it his entire life, Matheson now has to contend with a sinister force so powerful that seeks to destroy him. A fierce battle is imminent and the future of the world, as we know it, is in jeopardy.

Then come the hooded figures in book two that appear after the birth of his only child. Matheson soon discovers the terrifying reason for their sudden intrusion into his already complicated existence. He is faced with a decision that will ultimately affect his young, gifted child or a multitude of innocent human beings.

Will he have blood on his hands?

There’s just one way to find out.


Innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is thrilled to play a part in the town’s long-awaited wedding.

Guests from near and far have gathered for what was meant to be a joyous union.

But instead of ringing toasts and happy cheers, a mysterious death casts a pall over the festivities.

When a dead body is discovered in her newly opened inn, Avery’s dear friend is quickly put at the top of the suspect list.

Now it’s up to Avery to prove her friend’s innocence and discover the identity of the murderer before they strike again.

It’s a race against time that could prove deadly if Avery fails.

Will she be able to uncover the truth before it’s too late?

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

Magic in this witch’s family has a name: Trouble.

Sidney Grace is trying to adjust to her new life in Crystal Beach, Florida which comes with a whole new set of challenges. Mainly, what is she going to do to support herself now and how long can she stay illegally parked at the beach? The handsome Officer Reece is tough on criminals and even tougher on witches. But these aren’t even her biggest troubles…

For starters, her mom, the Tupperware Queen, is headed down for a surprise visit…to look at buying her own property in Crystal Beach. After all, who else is going to protect Sidney from her magic-wielding grandmother? Cue the funeral march on Sydney’s phone. Now she must contend with a pushy realtor, her crazy new boss, a botched mini-golf tournament, and her talking cat, while secretly unlocking her own magic.

As she opens her mind to her psychic powers to help the residents at Shifting Sands, Sidney discovers a second chance for love, but her heart is pulling her in two different directions, and one direction could very well be deadly.

Jamie Sharpe is adoring her new role managing the Terrowin Hotel. But Grandpa Sharpe has alluded that the mysterious hotel, a legacy passed down from her uncle, could contain secrets and treasures too dangerous to unearth.

When she’s invited to a gathering at the historic Story Mansion for the Gloucester family reunion, she eagerly accepts. Jamie is hoping to get the elderly Evelyn Gloucester, an old family friend of the Sharpes, to finally reveal some of the Terrowin’s carefully guarded secrets.

But then she finds Evelyn’s dead body in the old servant’s quarters, and suddenly she’s swept into a new and more terrifying mystery. Which of Evelyn’s grandchildren could have killed her, and why?

Award-winning romance that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards and gold at the 2020 Independent Publisher “IPPY” Book Awards.

It’s been nearly a decade since Elle Sloan last saw Luke Hutchins. Close to ten years since she broke up with him over a single phone call, providing him with little explanation. Since the end of their relationship, Elle has done everything she could do to move on, marrying, proceeding forward with her life, almost allowing herself to completely forget about Luke.


Out of nowhere, Elle receives a phone call from Luke’s mother. Luke has been in a horrific car accident and, a month later, has just awoken from a coma. However, instead of celebrating, his family is stunned to learn that Luke is suffering from amnesia and only remembers his life as it was before his breakup with Elle. 

What do you do when you find your husband’s killer?
    In August of last year a superyacht named Lady Athena disappeared with 27 people on board. Twelve months later, plastic surgeon Natalie Finlay meets a man who looks exactly like one of its passengers. What she doesn’t know is that he is a vicious killer.
    When a body with multiple stab wounds is found in her bedroom, Natalie becomes the prime suspect in the case. She claims she was framed by Lady Athena’s survivor. It’s up to Detective David Hudson to find out what really happened.

    He needs to solve the case before the killer claims another victim.

He has no badge and no authority, in a county full of corruption, drugs and murder.

Newman County, Texas was clean and safe when Fen Maguire left office as sheriff nine months ago. But the dead drug dealer found floating down the river says things may be changing… and not for the better.

Fire engulfs the dead man’s home, and all evidence points to the new sheriff’s father. Fen, however, knows there’s more to this case than a drug deal gone bad.

When he discovers a stash of drugs and a coded notebook, Fen launches his own investigation into the murder. Can he uncover the layers of corruption in his beloved county? Or will this be one time justice doesn’t prevail?

Locked up for murder, but is the detective a killer?
When Dotty’s friend DS Dave Banks is arrested for murdering his partner, Dotty refuses to believe he is guilty. Being in the police force means he has no shortage of enemies but is Dave being framed?
Can Dotty and her friend unravel the case Dave was secretly working on to find out who is behind the evil shenanigans?
More importantly, will it put their lives at risk?
Murder, mayhem and mystery make this the perfect ingredients for another thrilling cozy mystery featuring Dotty and her friends.


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Never judge a book by its cover…

Victoria Mason has the perfect life – a successful career, a doting husband and now a baby on the way. She’d spent the better part of a decade fixing what had nearly destroyed her and she can now inspire others.

But someone is keeping a dreadful secret that threatens to ruin everything she holds dear.

Will such a secret result in murder? And if so, will it be her own?


Father Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and oftentimes are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, a bit of humor – and surprise after surprise!

Even upper class, “proper” folk can be murder suspects!

Despite their colorful past, Lucille is invited by Mayor Terrance Bradley to a special charity ball – Chadsworth’s largest annual fund-raising event. Her Shih Tzu, Vanilla, will be there too.

Rubbing shoulders with the town’s elite, Lucille is convinced that the night has been a raging success…until the mayor’s new assistant and organizer of the esteemed event, Edna Folsakee, faints right there at the dinner table. When paramedics arrive, to everyone’s horror, the woman is pronounced DEAD at the scene.

With shocking gossip relentlessly creeping its way through the grapevine, Lucille digs deeper into Edna’s death and is stunned by what she uncovers.

Did Edna Folsakee really die of natural causes?
Or was she murdered at the gala ball?

Read the Haunted Places Series Today

Some places are haunted.

And some people are too.

At your own risk, enter the realm of the unknown with these delectably terrifying tales of haunted places and scary spaces. Will those affected make it out alive or at the very least…in their right frame of mind?