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Rea Oates never imagined a day in her younger years that she would end up in a retirement home. She had too much money and too much “class” for that – or so she thought.

Yet, failing health grudgingly took her independence away and the only family she had decided to make Brighter Skies Retirement Home her new residence.

Rea struggles adjusting to life outside of her house in the suburbs, but a mysterious murder just weeks later puts all of that on the back burner — especially when, at sixty-eight years old, she is accused of murder.

Will her beloved priest be able to prove her innocence and clear her good name? Or will his involvement have the opposite effect and instead prove her guilt?

A psychic is called in to assist a dysfunctional family after all hell has broken loose. Will she be able to save them from themselves?

The Reed family has suffered a great loss—their patriarch, Harvey Reed, has passed away and his children are left to mourn. Soon after, Toby and his three siblings become victims of a series of bizarre events which occur one right after the other.

One sibling, who’s driven to the verge of insanity, is convinced she’s seen her deceased father and heard his voice—adamant that his soul is not at rest. She believes his intrusion is tied to the fact that the family has neglected to have a headstone erected for his grave, but her siblings are not persuaded.

Will the Reed family gain a greater sense of respect for the dead after their lives are almost ruined, or will they remain headstrong and continue to sink deeper into torment?

The Wayeflower Hotel has been welcoming guests for nearly a century. Many vacationers have come and gone with mostly good things to say about the well-known establishment. However, on July 23rd, 2019, the Wayeflower will become known for much more than its hospitality.

Someone has shown up for a visit…but this will be no ordinary guest.


When the public turns against you, what options do you have?

As Emma Pepper and her squad continue hunting down the Silencer, they begin to discover secrets that could completely derail the case. Who is the Silencer? Why did he kill who he killed? And is there more to the story than the police know?

The more they study the Silencer, the clearer it becomes that not only is the squad dealing with a serial killer, they are dealing with a pro. He continues to evade forensic evidence and hide from the police in this police procedural series, but that’s not all that Emma has to deal with. Hiding under the prying eyes of her bosses, the squad and Emma feel like they’re being rushed to find the Silencer – or they may lose their jobs. Things only take a turn for the worse when a story breaks on the local news and the Silencer becomes a local hero, not a villain.

An unsolved murder. A reluctant psychic. Hanging House never sleeps, and neither will you.

Emmie just wants to get as far away from her psychic past as possible. Who can blame her? Seeing dead children isn’t a “gift.” It’s heartbreaking terror.

But once she loses her job in the big city, there’s only one place for her to go: back into the heart of her trauma and fears. Her childhood home.

Hanging House.

Determined to make the best of her new life, she soon realizes she can’t outrun the ghosts of her past.

She needs to face and conquer the looming darkness, or she won’t get out alive.

Bob Leach was a throwback to an era of legendary Texas desperados. He was a conman, a kidnapper, a cattle rustler, a stickup man, and more. But far from practicing his depredations in the Wild West heyday of the 1880’s, Leach was a modern-day badman who became one of the most sought-after criminals in Texas history; from landing in a Comanche County courtroom on charges of larceny to ending up in a Callahan County Jail where he later escaped.

After his capture, Leach was carted off to prison where he met and married his then wife. The pair ran a larceny scheme raking in millions while blackmailing guests at a party ranch. According to witnesses, guests enjoyed ranch style amenities during the day light hours and running around bareass from one orgy to another at night, and everyone was being videotaped in the process just to be blackmailed for it later.

When change suddenly happens to you in big and bold ways, how do you cope?

What do you do when your world is on fire and crumbling all around you? How do you manage to maintain an even keel and make it through when life-altering change happens to you?

Whether it’s the loss of your job, a worldwide pandemic, or something in-between, The Mindset of Crisis Management can help you to take simple but meaningful actions proven to deal effectively with change.

In its pages, you’ll learn:

  • Tips to help manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Ways to avoid natural but unhealthy responses to dealing with change
  • How to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind in stressful times

No matter if the change is temporary or permanent, The Mindset of Crisis Management provides reliable methods for handling change in healthy ways that you can do for the rest of your life.

R A Barlow Presents: The Rancher and his Daughter – The Ranch School Teacher Series, West Fork Ranch, Book Four

Bridget leaves the city life for a position to teach at the West Fork Ranch, even though her mother and father are set against her going.

Although the rancher, Randal, is elated to have her there, his two brothers are not.

The brothers work hard to try to force her off the ranch by spreading rumors about her and even going so far as to abduct her in order to instill fear.

Bridget falls in love with Randal, and cares deeply for his daughter, Bella, who had been abandoned by her birth mother years before.

But Bridget feels forced to leave the ranch because she just can’t take the gossip and threats anymore.

Small town life is not at all like the city life that she left behind at all.

A relaxing vacation at sea…what could go wrong?

Officer Cassidy Peck needs a vacation and when her parents can’t go, she takes over their cruise tickets and invites her new friend, Caryl-Anne Newsome to go with her.

All is good until a passenger is reported missing and Cass has an idea who might be to blame.

After all, she’s always on duty.

A blood-smeared note. A string of gruesome murders. And a family secret she didn’t know existed.

FBI Special Agent Faith Black thought she knew all about fear.

Yet all it took was one night for her to realize she was horribly wrong.

Did she miss the signs because she had found love—something she had once thought impossible?

No, it went deeper than that.

Was she so distracted by the history of her new partner, Special Agent Aaron Thomson that she never saw it coming?

Possible, but doubtful.

No, it all started unraveling on the night of her birthday.

A night that changed her life forever.

Trouble is brewing in Good Fortune.
Accepting she’s a witch isn’t enough for Jess’s snarky cat familiar. Not only does she have to keep the potion shop running while learning to make said potions, deal with an over-enthusiastic assistant, and her ghostly mother, she has to solve another mysterious death.

Jess smells something isn’t right about the crime scene and Officer Fine is getting suspicious about her talents to find clues. And what about her baking skills? Will she have to bury them along with her old life?

What’s a witch to do?


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Could Father Joe have been indirectly responsible for Dick Ziglar’s death?

Every family has some level of dysfunction…
At least, that’s what Lottie Ziglar always thought and it’s what kept her going.

The Ziglars were a good, Christian family. So, they knew how to handle their disagreements in a peaceful, godly way.

Or did they?

Dick Ziglar, unbeknownst to their small community, was the husband and father from hell, but a faithful member of the local parish. Did he push his loved ones too far this time or did he manage to cross a complete stranger?

Lottie Ziglar’s confession to Father Joe that rainy Friday afternoon propelled him to take a closer look at the Ziglar family and to examine a tragedy that their faith-filled community never saw coming in a million years.


Father Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and oftentimes are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, a bit of humor – and surprise after surprise!

Even upper class, “proper” folk can be murder suspects!

Despite their colorful past, Lucille is invited by Mayor Terrance Bradley to a special charity ball – Chadsworth’s largest annual fund-raising event. Her Shih Tzu, Vanilla, will be there too.

Rubbing shoulders with the town’s elite, Lucille is convinced that the night has been a raging success…until the mayor’s new assistant and organizer of the esteemed event, Edna Folsakee, faints right there at the dinner table. When paramedics arrive, to everyone’s horror, the woman is pronounced DEAD at the scene.

With shocking gossip relentlessly creeping its way through the grapevine, Lucille digs deeper into Edna’s death and is stunned by what she uncovers.

Did Edna Folsakee really die of natural causes?
Or was she murdered at the gala ball?

Read the Haunted Places Series Today

Some places are haunted.

And some people are too.

At your own risk, enter the realm of the unknown with these delectably terrifying tales of haunted places and scary spaces. Will those affected make it out alive or at the very least…in their right frame of mind?

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