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I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well today.

Can you believe that we’re already approaching the middle of March? It’s amazing how the months seem to fly by. My hope is that this a good year for you as I know that many people didn’t have such a great one in 2021. We all have our challenges, yet each day is such a remarkable blessing and we all need to cherish the gift of life and the opportunity for a fresh start that every day brings.

Enjoy all the books on offer today.

And until next time, take good care of yourself and your loved ones and keep on being AWESOME!





“Fun, fast paced cozy.”

“I enjoyed this mystery which was an action packed page turner with some surprises at the end.”

Alan Danzabar has been accused of having been involved in a blatant bank robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a security guard.

All fingers are pointing at Alan by others who have been arrested and ultimately confessed to the crime, but Alan insists that he is innocent.

Will he get off the hook with the help of J. Wilfred & Company, particularly an employee there by the name of Barbara Sandosa who takes it upon herself to dig much deeper to uncover the truth in ways that her boss would never dream of? Or will Alan Danzabar be exposed as a liar and a killer?


“This one had me at the edge of my seat.”

“Fast paced and a psycho thriller that had me glued to the pages and turning them as fast as I could.”

Someone knows something but isn’t saying anything – not until they’re backed into a corner fearing for their own life.

Meanwhile, a psychotic mastermind is pleased with his sinister scheme as each of his hapless victims has played an unwilling role in the twisted puzzle of his existence. A puzzle, which if studied carefully, will reveal how he turned into the beast he has become.

No one knew the hatred he harbored or what extent he could actually go to.

The Lucille Pfiffer Mystery Series with Cool New Subtitles!

Series overview:

Lucille Pfiffer sees, but not with her eyes.

She lives with her beloved dog Vanilla in a cozy neighborhood that is quite “active” due to what occurred in the distant past. Though totally blind, she plays an integral role in helping to solve pressing and puzzling mysteries, one right after the other, which, without her, might remain unsolved.

The question is: How can she do any of that with such a handicap?


A blood-smeared note. A string of gruesome murders. And a family secret she didn’t know existed.

FBI Special Agent Faith Black thought she knew all about fear.

Yet all it took was one night for her to realize she was horribly wrong.

Did she miss the signs because she had found love—something she had once thought impossible?

No, it went deeper than that.

Was she so distracted by the history of her new partner, Special Agent Aaron Thomson that she never saw it coming?

Possible, but doubtful.

No, it all started unraveling on the night of her birthday.

Welcome to Fiddlehead Creek, the quaint little town in the southwest region of Georgia, where things aren’t always what they seem!

My name is Esme Hightower, and I talk to dead people. That is, when they’re actually willing to talk.

You see, I’m not a full-on psychic medium yet, but I’m super close to nabbing the job of my dreams. I just need a few more satisfied clients to complete the requirements and…

In walks a shape-shifting hunk with a bone to pick, who just also happens to be my long-ago sweetheart. He needs me to find out who killed his brother, and saying “no” could mean kissing my career ambitions bye-bye forever. But when the target spook refuses to cooperate, I find out I’ve bitten off way more than I can chew with this one.

Will it cost me my job? My second chance at love? Or even my life? I’m really not looking forward to finding out.

Everything’s coming up Emma…

Since Emma inherited her grandfather’s hearth magic, chores have never been so much fun. Her house is sparkling clean, dishes wash themselves, and her pancakes… Well, she’s a witch, not a miracle worker. Emma’s new mansion would make a perfect bed-and-breakfast, if she only she could deliver on that second “B”. It’s time to hire someone who can prepare a meal without burning the place down. The problems start when one applicant for the cook job turns up dead and the obvious culprit would be the other. But Emma can’t quite bring herself to believe this sweet, gentle woman would resort to murder for a job.

To make matters worse, Emma’s new home is haunted. Her ghostly grandfather knows exactly who killed the chef, but after thirty years alone, he’s a bit peeved she never came to visit. Unless she can help him settle his unfinished business, he’s not telling. Can Emma fix her grandfather’s broken heart, save her staff, and find the real killer?


The Dead aren’t Talking. But the Cat is…

One day is all it takes for Juli to burn down the pizza parlor, lose her job, and walk in on her cheating rat of a husband.

The childish invite in the mail might just be her saving grace, or is something more sinister in store?

Because the town of Veil Falls and its inhabitants are far from ordinary. And moving there challenges every notion she’s ever had about what’s real. Add in a strange inheritance, an overbearing ghost, and a snarky recipe grimoire, and maybe even misfits like her deserve a second chance to get things right.

But first, as the newly appointed fledgling soup witch to Snips and Snails Café, she’ll need to get cooking, embrace her inner witchiness, and solve her uncle’s murder before she runs out of time and the killer strikes twice.

Will her do-over really lead to her dead and under?

A sinking career. A savage crime. Solving cases isn’t easy when the cat’s got your tongue…

St. Mateo, the Caribbean Islands. Sophie Carter’s head is stuck in the tropical clouds. Desperate to keep her job, the underachieving reporter’s last-ditch homicide assignment turns into a nightmare when someone swipes her notebook and a scratch from an angry calico puts her in the hospital. And after she wakes from a three-day coma to discover the fussy feline can talk, they investigate the supposed thief… only to find the poor woman DOA.

Shaken when she’s pinned as the prime suspect, Sophie and her chatty companion vow to clear her name and write the real killer into a handcuffed headline. But in between steaming mugs of mango tea and worrying her cat conversations are a sign of insanity, a string of attacks have this amateur sleuth fearing she could end up in the obituaries.

Unable to trust her mind, can Sophie catch the culprit before she’s viewing paradise from behind bars?

Our banter is electric. Fueled by passion and hate. And as intoxicating as our chemistry.

I had one goal: Get away from my life for a month.
Destination: A cabin in the mountains.

I never expected to run into the one man who would disrupt all my plans. And my heart.

Carter Hills. One person I never thought I would ever argue with in my life. And yet…

I moved next door to him, and soon, he’s everywhere I look. I can’t venture outside without facing his cocky grin. One that should be forbidden around women like me. Single and broken.

The worst is that he hid his identity from me. On purpose.
All this time, I thought my moody, yet hot-as-hell neighbor was just another man crossing my path.

Three years since my husband’s death and it still doesn’t get any easier. A brand new start is what I needed, not only for me but also for the kids. I decided to return to my hometown, Brookings, Oregon, where I have a lot of fond memories, especially with my high school best friend, May.

I got it all planned out. I just didn’t know HE would also be there.

What do you do when you meet the guy of your dreams? Set him up with your sister, of course.

Kari doesn’t have time for love when she’s opening her new cat café. Renovating an old restaurant, hiring employees, fighting with the health inspector – oh, and welcoming 16 shelter cats – keeps her plenty busy. She’s doing this for the cats, the community, and most of all her family. The café will give her sister, Marley, a job worthy of her baking skills.

Then a tattooed military vet wanders in claiming to be a master baker himself. The café doesn’t need another baker, but maybe Marley needs a man. Surely she’ll fall for a guy this sweet, this sexy, this tasty.

Colin has other ideas. 

Murder is Delivered, Book 5 in the By the Sea Cozy Mystery Series
When you don’t trust anyone, you risk everything.
Would you rather eat school lunch alone, or be locked in with a killer? 
Esther and Sophie didn’t know there would be a multiple-choice test when they arrived at the ancient library of Oceanside High, or that the person with the answers would die when breakfast was served. 
When the school board meets, the girls learn they are arguing about tearing down their beloved Victorian school and replacing it with a modern structure outside the Tsunami zone. But, before the board casts the final vote, two of Esther’s friends become suspects in a murder investigation. To catch a killer and save their friends, Esther and Sophie join the board for a weekend retreat in a haunted house.


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Never judge a book by its cover…

Victoria Mason has the perfect life – a successful career, a doting husband and now a baby on the way. She’d spent the better part of a decade fixing what had nearly destroyed her and she can now inspire others.

But someone is keeping a dreadful secret that threatens to ruin everything she holds dear.

Will such a secret result in murder? And if so, will it be her own?


Father Joe McCullen is no ordinary priest.

He has a heart of gold, but he’s no pushover. Very little passes his ears or his eyes and he can smell a “rat” from a mile away.

The community of Old Providence is held by higher standards by the beloved priest, yet “skeletons” still manage to creep out of the closets of his faithful parishioners every now and then, and oftentimes are not headed anywhere in the direction of the confessional.

Join Father Joe McCullen on the most extraordinary, eyebrow-raising adventures of mystery, suspense, a bit of humor – and surprise after surprise!

Even upper class, “proper” folk can be murder suspects!

Despite their colorful past, Lucille is invited by Mayor Terrance Bradley to a special charity ball – Chadsworth’s largest annual fund-raising event. Her Shih Tzu, Vanilla, will be there too.

Rubbing shoulders with the town’s elite, Lucille is convinced that the night has been a raging success…until the mayor’s new assistant and organizer of the esteemed event, Edna Folsakee, faints right there at the dinner table. When paramedics arrive, to everyone’s horror, the woman is pronounced DEAD at the scene.

With shocking gossip relentlessly creeping its way through the grapevine, Lucille digs deeper into Edna’s death and is stunned by what she uncovers.

Did Edna Folsakee really die of natural causes?
Or was she murdered at the gala ball?

Read the Haunted Places Series Today

Some places are haunted.

And some people are too.

At your own risk, enter the realm of the unknown with these delectably terrifying tales of haunted places and scary spaces. Will those affected make it out alive or at the very least…in their right frame of mind?