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BLIND JUSTICE, book three of the Lucille Pfiffer Mystery series, is just 8 days away! But you can pre-order now for just 99 cents (the price will go up shortly after release day).

Has blind and widowed Lucille Pfiffer finally unraveled the age-old mystery surrounding real estate tycoon Sir Clement Tucker’s murder? And if so, does it come with dire consequences?

Lucille and best friend Merlene find themselves in “hot water” after snooping around a neighbor’s house in search of answers. What they discover is totally unexpected. Vanilla, Lucille’s precious Shih-tzu, must see that they all leave the premises unharmed, but considering her little size, is she strong or skillful enough to accomplish such a task?

If Lucille gets her way, a startling scheme buried deeply within the entrails of Chadsworth’s elite will be exposed – once and for all.

SERIES OVERVIEW: Lucille Pfiffer sees, but not with her eyes. She lives with her beloved dog Vanilla in a cozy neighborhood that is quite “active” due to what occurred in the distant past. Though totally blind, she plays an integral role in helping to solve pressing and puzzling mysteries, one right after the other, which, without her, might remain unsolved.

The question is: How can she do any of that with such a handicap?


Cover Reveal: ’10 Minutes before Sleeping’

Coming This Year!

10 Minutes before Sleeping cover


10 Minutes before Sleeping is a powerful story of a young woman named Eva left on the doorstep of a neighbor as a child by her very own mother. She is abused, neglected, rejected and without a legal footing in the only place she knows as “home”. All the odds appear to be stacked against her and those looking from the outside in seriously wonder how one human being could be expected to battle such atrocities without making a fateful decision to end it all far quicker than it ever began.

As a young girl, Eva struggles to obtain an education at the resistance of a woman who was left with the responsibility to raise her, but years later finally finds what she believes is true love. This event, ironically, progresses to a further downward spiral that costs this young woman her three most precious gifts in the world, thus evoking a snap decision that occurs ten minutes before sleeping. WATCH OUT FOR THIS POIGNANT NOVEL TO BE RELEASED LATER IN 2016.

10 Minutes before Sleeping will be available to pre-order in the near future. If you’re not already on my mailing list, sign up to be notified when the date is set.

What a Review!

I’m so grateful to have received a review like this for my book Revenge of Cornelius from a seasoned reviewer. It just blew me away. Since then, I decided to offer the book FREE for a limited time. It’s book two in the “Cornelius Saga”; Cornelius, which landed in the #1 bestseller spot this past November is book one in the series. Each part of the series, however, can stand alone. Just had to share this review. Comments such as this reminds authors that their hard work is not in vain, but well worth it. This, along with others, really made me feel good about all the time I’ve put in and all the sacrifices I’ve made to write my books.  🙂

I hope it inspires someone else also to keep moving forward; keep pressing on and if writing is your passion – to never give up! Actually, whatever your goals and dreams are I encourage you the same – never give up! Let’s encourage one another.

By Mallory Heart Reviews on June 17, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Review of REVENGE OF CORNELIUS by Tanya R. Taylor

“Now this author rocks. I read CORNELIUS last evening, and immediately followed it with the sequel, REVENGE OF CORNELIUS, today. Hmmhmmhmm. Tanya Taylor knows how to elicit readers’ emotions and make our heartstrings both thrum like a harp and weep bitter tears. Following the first book, in which a yearning ghost from slavery times appears to a young girl, asking for help to find her missing love, the ghost’s killer reawakens to brutally haunt and terrorize a young black family who have purchased and renovated his long-abandoned plantation house. I found my emotional range stretched in multiple directions by these two books, which I might even classify as paranormal women’s literature. [better yet, good human literature!]”


You may download your free copy of Revenge of Cornelius HERE.


Revenge of Cornelius Newest cover(NO GHOT GIRL ON TOP) FINAL2.JPEG







Today’s Wisdom Key

When you’ve reached a milestone in life as a result of hard work and dedication, your sustained sense of joy and accomplishment should never depend upon the “praises” of others. Relying on the affirmation of others concerning the results of your own hard work, may result in total disappointment. Not everyone smiling with you wants the best for you. Believe in yourself and be your biggest fan even if it means, in essence, that you’re your only fan.

Just Days Away! Haunted Cruise: The Shakedown

Just Days Away!

“You might never want to go on a cruise again after reading this book!” reviewer

This is going to be one unforgettable journey across the deep, blue sea. No member of the crew could have ever imagined it. Will they survive the upcoming terror or will they be so frightened that they’d opt to find an easier way out?

Dellie Hayworth has landed a job with one of the largest shipbuilding companies after years of unemployment. She is sent off to sea with her marriage in shambles and seemingly beyond repair. For two weeks, she will reside in the luxury vessel, The Caesar, in anticipation of what awaits her when she returns home. However, neither she, nor any other member of the crew can fathom what awaits them in the middle of the ocean.



BARNES & NOBLE:…/1123773316…


Will be at Amazon on release date – May 22nd!

Today’s Wisdom Key

No one on earth is promised tomorrow. Live today as stress-free and drama-free as possible. Strive to fill each day with peace and love with all sincerity. When you’ve arrived at the end of the road, you’ll see that nothing else really matters. Hopefully in life you would have given much good, so that in death only good will come to you.

Recent review for ‘Revenge of Cornelius’ – Book 2 in the Cornelius saga

Revenge of Cornelius is a spin-off from the popular spine-tingling tale, Cornelius – recent #1 best-seller in Amazon’s Teen & Young adult Multi-generational Family Fiction category.

Recent review:

  March 19, 2016

“I really enjoyed this second story, old and new characters getting another taste of Cornelius and his rotten ways. I loved the fact that we get an older version of the family I fell in love with the first time around. Even sweeter than before and just as heartbreaking at times. Good, quick entertaining read for the young and not so young.”



The yard had a sickening silence around it—one that she had felt inside the house many times, especially at night. There was a light mist in the air as well, which was hugely unusual for that time of day. Then approximately, seventy-five feet near the edge of the property that led into an area of land densely populated by fruit-bearing trees and overgrown brush, she saw Theo advancing.

His white shirt was muddied with dirt and his short, black pants were darted with tiny prickles. He was sweating profusely.

“Where have you been?” Andrea asked curiously. “And where’s Rosie?”

The closer he got to her, Andrea could see that the pupils of his eyes had an abnormally darker hue and the expression on his face was blank and unreadable.

“I saw her walk through the family room and out onto the deck,” he started. “I thought she was just going to sit outside, but after a while I noticed she never came back in. That’s when I went to look for her.”

Andrea was listening intently and watching the mannerism that didn’t appear to belong to her husband.

“I didn’t say anything to you because I thought I’d find her playing in the yard. After I didn’t see her, I went further off into the property to look for her, but I have no idea where she went.” He shrugged.

“My God! This can’t be happening!” Andrea exclaimed, worrying less about Theo’s odd behavior and more about the child’s sudden disappearance. “We have to find her!”

Revenge of Cornelius Newest cover(NO GHOT GIRL ON TOP) FINAL2.JPEG

 A grandfather’s love for his grandchild is put to the ultimate test.

Don’t be afraid. It’s just… Them.

“Still get goosebumps just thinking about it.” – Amazon customer.


Mira Cullen is all grown up now and has left the confines of her ever-so-haunted childhood home. She and brother, Wade, have moved away to pursue their passions, but life for Mira has turned out quite differently from that of her brother.

After returning home for a family visit, Mira finds herself in front of the old Ferguson house again – a place she has blatantly avoided since the entire life-altering experience of fifteen years earlier. The only thing is…there are new residents now, but not the kind she would have ever expected to see.

Her six-year-old daughter, Rosie has an incredible bond with her grandfather, but no one ever dreams that the little girl has a special gift just like her mother and will be the bait an angry ghost uses to settle a score long overdue. She is in terrible danger, but no one knows it and the love of her grandfather will be tested to the highest extreme.

The Ferguson House

  • A Heart-wrenching History
  • An Innocent Child
  • Unlikely Inhabitants
  • The Haunting
  • The HUNTED!