Today’s Wisdom Key

While you’re busy treating others carelessly or maliciously, particularly the ones you’re supposed to care for and love, just keep this one thing in mind: Even if there comes a time when they actually forgive you, you may be left with only a “shell” of a relationship – if any at all. Forgiveness may be found in the human heart, but the memory of the treatment still lingers to some degree in the mind. A wise person knows this and is careful to conduct himself accordingly.

Today’s Wisdom Key

When people have proven time and time again that they are toxic to your life – whether it is by the constant sulkiness of their attitude (the inability to see or appreciate anything good in life regardless of encouragement), unrelenting negativity or their overall tendency to pull you down, you need to make a decision whether frequent contact with them is somehow making your life better or having the opposite effect. It’s sometimes better to pull out, instead of getting pulled down

Today’s Wisdom Key

Trust is something that can save your life or cause you to lose it. Who you choose to place your trust in should be one that has been time-tested, survived the ups and downs and who stuck with you when no one else did. However, even then you must be careful as people are imperfect beings and fall weak at times just like you do. One hundred percent trust should be reserved for God. It is never wise to trust everyone, but at the same time neither is it to trust no one.

Today’s Wisdom Key

If God treated us the careless way we sometimes treat each other, we’d think that He was a heartless God who never kept His word. Yet, we nonchalantly do that very thing to each other and expect God’s greatest blessings to flow upon our lives. If we think they’re flowing now in spite of our ways, the reality of the matter is, things are subject to change. Each of us will, at some point, reap a harvest from the seeds we’ve planted – whether they be good or bad. Every day, in every way, it is crucial that we take inventory and really examine ourselves — or one day wish we did.

Today’s Wisdom Key

While they have done everything they possibly could to tear you down, lie on you and tarnish your good name, the best thing you can do is to quietly sit back and watch as their malicious deeds drag them further down while God elevates you right in front of them. And all they’ve lied to will finally see whose side God was really on.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Real leaders are “independent thinkers”. They often resist the “norm” and very rarely follow the crowd. These people are often misunderstood and sometimes rejected. Yet, they go on to make the biggest impact because they were determined to tread upon the very places where others were afraid to go. Anyone can hold a position, but not everyone is a leader.

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