Today’s Wisdom Key

If this is you: “I try so hard, but sometimes I just want to give up.” Don’t! Every day is not the same. Tomorrow holds great possibilities. The truth is: We don’t know when things will get better, but rest assured that whatever the circumstance, it is subject to change. An easy life was never promised to anyone. Hold on. You are stronger than you think.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Your desire to succeed must far outweigh the pain of your current plight. Work through the challenges one step at a time while envisioning the greater goal just ahead. The power of your belief will transform your dream into reality at a most favorable and unexpected time.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Human snakes are the worst kind out there. They are more deadly and venomous than the ones that crawl in the dirt. Everyone has one or more such persons in their life – hearts filled with jealousy, malice and bad intentions. Having discernment and wisdom in order to recognize them is no mere luxury, but a necessity in the times in which we live. An inviting smile and an innocent look can cover the face of a very dark heart.