Today’s Wisdom Key

Your desire to succeed must far outweigh the pain of your current plight. Work through the challenges one step at a time while envisioning the greater goal just ahead. The power of your belief will transform your dream into reality at a most favorable and unexpected time.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Achieving one’s dream is never easy. It’s a rocky road filled with challenges along the way. However, those who are not afraid of hard work will eventually find themselves on a much smoother surface – living their dreams, but realizing it’s even greater than they’ve ever imagined it would be.

Today’s Wisdom Key

When you have gotten to a certain point in life where you’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly, it should take much more than it did before to faze you–‘to ruffle your feathers’–to disturb your peace. Having learned some lessons along the way makes present and future issues a little or a lot easier to handle. Unfortunately, with age, doesn’t always come wisdom as some never learn from past experiences. Make sure that you’re one of them that do.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Some persons tend to think that it’s all about them”( you know the ones — totally self-conceited; want others to take interest in what concerns them and rarely, if ever return the favor; they don’t feel anyone’s pain except their own) and no amount of words will convince them that it’s not. In this case when dealing with such ‘delusional’ individuals, your actions must speak louder than your words. Perhaps then and only then, they will finally understand that other people matter just as much.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Disrespectful behavior will repeat itself as long as you allow it. As nice as you are, you must have boundaries for your life set in place as to what is acceptable from others and what’s not. People sometimes tend to confuse ‘niceness’ for weakness and for mere stupidity. It is always best to be nice and polite as a good attitude would open amazing doors for you, but absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt Have A Backbone. Stand up for yourself when necessary. You are worth it: You are worthy of respect.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Don’t expect to receive any different from what you have given out. If you gossip, slander or back-bite, don’t expect peace. If you are jealous and envious, don’t expect uncommon favor and unfathomable blessings — they will never find their way to you. If you are hateful and unsympathetic, don’t expect true love and understanding to show up at your doorstep. Be careful what you give in life for likewise is what you will definitely receive.