Today’s Wisdom Key

The simplest solution to the problems the world faces in a nutshell is love. Love that is genuine in nature consisting of compassion, sensitivity to the feelings and plight of others, a willingness to make another person’s life better: the only kind there really is. There is no other kind of true love. Love is absent of greed, maliciousness, callousness, insensitivity, selfishness. If only love was practiced in the true sense of the word, our human existence would be one of harmony and peace in spite of our many differences. The problem is that everyone is looking at everyone else to make a change when each person should really be looking inside of himself and let the change begin there.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Human snakes are the worst kind out there. They are more deadly and venomous than the ones that crawl in the dirt. Everyone has one or more such persons in their life – hearts filled with jealousy, malice and bad intentions. Having discernment and wisdom in order to recognize them is no mere luxury, but a necessity in the times in which we live. An inviting smile and an innocent look can cover the face of a very dark heart.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Achieving one’s dream is never easy. It’s a rocky road filled with challenges along the way. However, those who are not afraid of hard work will eventually find themselves on a much smoother surface – living their dreams, but realizing it’s even greater than they’ve ever imagined it would be.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Know your self worth. It isn’t based on what others think of you, your material possessions or worldly achievements. The real you is immortal and wonderfully made — priceless above anyone’s thoughts, opinions, rejections, achievements, praise or disdain. Recognize your true self worth, even if no one else does.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Some people will continuously disrespect you and insult your intelligence as long as you allow them to think that it’s perfectly okay. Pay close attention to actions—they tell you all you need to know.



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