As bad as it may seem right now, it doesn’t mean that it has to be over or will not get better.

I know this book coming out on March 20th is going to be a very interesting one by J.S. Wright. It’s priced at only $1.99 on Pre-order, so if it’s something you can use or you know someone who might benefit from this read, the earlier you reserve your copy, the better.

J.S. Wright states: “No one should ever feel alone or unloved in their relationship. As bad as it may seem right now, it doesn’t mean that it has to be over or will not get better.

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How To Have A Loving Marriage With An Unlovable Spouse. COVER


#1 Bestseller Kindle Countdown Deal

Update 14/10/16 – The Kindle Countdown Deal has ended at noon today. I don’t do these very often and was glad to have done it. Thanks to everyone who downloaded.

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INFESTATION- The Complete Series



Today’s Wisdom Key

Achieving one’s dream is never easy. It’s a rocky road filled with challenges along the way. However, those who are not afraid of hard work will eventually find themselves on a much smoother surface – living their dreams, but realizing it’s even greater than they’ve ever imagined it would be.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Some people will continuously disrespect you and insult your intelligence as long as you allow them to think that it’s perfectly okay. Pay close attention to actions—they tell you all you need to know.



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A little hope

My greatest victories always came right after my greatest challenges. If you’re facing something difficult right now — if you keep the right perspective and remain hopeful — that situation would eventually pass and you would have moved on to receive a reward. Pass the test! Don’t let discouragement in. The problem can only do one of two things: It can either break you or it can propel you forward to receive great things.