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Could these be the ramblings of a nutcase or could this seemingly far-fetched story about “lost children” actually be true?LOST CHILDREN OF ATLANTIS (Cornelius book 6) FINAL LGR FINAL

Mira Cullen, an attractive young doctor and psychic, meets old, sick, occasionally delusional Stefanie Brussels. Stefanie claims to know otherwise unheard-of facts as related to the shocking catastrophe of long ago where so many had perished, but no one in their right mind believes her. She also mentions an artifact in her possession that holds “special powers”. Will Mira take anything she says seriously and if she doesn’t, what is bound to be the outcome?

An alluring tale and for some, an unfathomable mystery.

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Stefanie swears by it and can’t seem to let it go! Could these be the ramblings of a nutcaseLOST CHILDREN OF ATLANTIS (Cornelius book 6) FINAL LGR FINAL or could this seemingly far-fetched story about “lost children” actually be true?
Mira Cullen, an attractive young doctor and psychic, meets old, sick, occasionally delusional Stefanie Brussels. Stefanie claims to know otherwise unheard-of facts as related to the shocking catastrophe of long ago where so many had perished, but no one in their right mind believes her. She also mentions an artifact in her possession that was dug up over a decade earlier that holds “special powers”. Will Mira take anything she says seriously and if she doesn’t, what is bound to be the outcome?

An alluring tale and for some, an unfathomable mystery.



Real Illusions II – REBIRTH

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Today’s Wisdom Key

If anyone views himself as being totally perfect in the actual sense of the word, he is undoubtedly imperfect in God’s eyes. For the thought alone is one of presumption, impurity and imperfection. One may rightly strive for perfection pertaining to character and spirit, but must bear in mind that he will never reach its purest form within this human body. The fact that he has strived for it until the end has made him ‘perfect’ in the eyes of God.

God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people like you and me.

Book Description
Publication Date: March 4, 2014

God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people like you and me. He is not looking for “perfect” vessels, but “willing” vessels. Sometimes, He uses the people we least expect to exemplify His greatness in the most awe-inspiring ways. Read about what God has done to an ordinary woman with faults and failures just like everyone else and how He has transformed her existence into an extraordinary one.

You can be one of these people.

A revolutionary book that will change your mind; change your perspective & change your life! You will never be the same again…

Seeing Beyond the Natural, Student: Me… Professor: God shares insights God has personally taught Tanya that may be uncomfortable for some and revelations that have drastically changed the lives of others. Read about real-life miracles, healings & financial breakthroughs; the mysterious realm. Moreover, this book illuminates the heart of God in such a way that will leave an indelible imprint in the hearts and minds of every single reader.

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This is a Message of Hope

LATEST REVIEWS for ‘Seeing Beyond the Natural…’

August 5, 2014

I would like to give my review on the book Seeing beyond the natural student me…….Professor :God by Tanya Taylor

Before reading this book I never realized that I had the mind set that I didn’t deserve God’s favour. I have said it many times and to me I felt my faith was strong but deep down there was doubt. I felt I was not Christian enough or sanctified enough to truly be blessed by God.

The name of this book truly is a message from God letting all of us know that no matter how dirty or unworthy we may feel as human beings, God loves us. He loves us in all our imperfections, in all of our mistakes, in all of our sin and iniquities. He loves us because in all of that dirt….He sees a diamond in its rarest form.

This book also tuned my eyes and mind to the evil that lurks to devour and destroy us. It has given me the tools I need to fight this evil. This book is truly a gift from God to all who are beaten and down trodden in mind and spirit.

It is a message of hope.
Look forward to the 2nd book.

(Nassau Bahamas)

Life Changing Book, August 4, 2014
By yves –

This review is from: Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me… Professor: God (Kindle Edition)

A beautiful book. It has given me new perceptions. I understand GOD much better now. This book made me think about all the aspects of my life. There is so much love and hold as much wisdom that we can use in our daily lives. This book offers inspiration, light and lots of love.
This is really a must and if you dare be honest with yourself this book can change a lot in your life.
I wish you all a loving change.


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Five Stars, July 4, 2014
By Amazon Customer –
This review is from: Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me… Professor: God (Kindle Edition)

This is a very good, biblically translucent insightful walk through a loving encounter with a mighty God….Thank you

5.0 out of 5 stars An Unbelievable Read!!!, April 8, 2014
By arsene kalambay –
This review is from: Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me… Professor: God (Kindle Edition)

This book will give you insight into the significance of miraculous supernatural events that take place in our lives more often than we think. Excellent material that will move you into another realm of wisdom and understanding regarding God’s mercy and grace. Unbelievable Read!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!, March 30, 2014
This review is from: Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me… Professor: God (Kindle Edition)

This book, if I could call it a book, because I would prefer to call it a blueprint or Manual of the Supernatural, was truly riveting and insightful. I could not put it down.

It is an abiding testament of the fact that as we draw nearer to our Creator, He will draw nearer to us and show us great and mighty things.

I was amazed by how the author was able to vividly show her journey, step by step, line upon line, and precept upon precept of the depth, height and magnitude of her relationship with our Lord, and at the same time seal these revelations with the Word of God.

Some may have a difficult time grasping some events that were mentioned, but as I read through the Manual, I could feel the veracity of what was being conveyed. It caused me to take an introspective look at my walk with my Saviour and desire even more and more of Him.

Truly, this Manual would enrich your personal library and would be an asset that causes you to reflect on where you are now and where you want to be in your walk with our Creator.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Krista Stubbs

5.0 out of 5 stars Seeing Beyond the Natural by Tonya R. Taylor, March 12, 2014
By ElizMNYC – This review is from: Seeing Beyond the Natural: Student: Me … Professor: God (Paperback)

First of all, I believe beyond a natural doubt that nothing happens by chance when it comes to Spiritual things of the kingdom. I stumbled into this book while using my daughters kindle fire and VERY glad I did! The author gives a very detailed account on supernatural experiences that points and gives God ALL THE GLORY! I was consumed by the accounts shared and could not put the book down. I would have paid a lot for this book because it was heartfelt and engaging. At least 80% of this book confirmed and mirrored my life experiences to the T. I wept, smiled and raised my hands in awe being blessed by “Seeing beyond the Natural”. For those who embrace the moving of the comforter in their life, there is no words I can add to this testimony but “priceless and comforting”. This book brought a sincere joyful revival into my spirit as the Spirit touched me through this author.

This life account covers a variety of experiences that describes like minded believers who God has been close to. Expect to receive encouragement and some wisdom if you have been there and thought you were somewhat of a odd one! Well, your not alone and as I read continuously I was so emotionally drawn in that it felt it was meant to be that I crossed path with this book for such a time as this. I believe Mrs. Tanya R. Brown (Taylor) and respect her for it. Wondering if you have written more books?? If she has not “please do” the anointing was spectacular and thank you so much for putting a new spring in my heart. For those who take the things of God seriously and those curious to know get the book but you need to be open minded and not be critical because you have not experienced the move of the Spirit just “yet”. These testimonies are much needed because they empower you as long as you keep your eyes on Him giving Him All the glory!

April 19, 2014 BOOK REVIEW by June Jarrett- Penn (Facebook)

“Seeing Beyond The Natural by Tanya Taylor was a fantastic Book, certainly worth the wait for a copy. I must say this Book captured my attention from start to finish. A few years ago I read another Book written by the Author but with this Book, I can truly say she has definitely out done herself. I too have what family members and a few friends call “weird” and “strange” occurrences.

“Through reading this Book I have learnt that I am not “weird”, a “freak” or “strange”, I was made to understand that I am in alignment “with the spiritual realm in such an awesome way” and that “some people who haven’t had these experiences can’t seem to wrap their heads around it, but as a person who often experience these things I know they’re true and no one can tell me any different”.

“Thank you Mrs. Taylor. I am sure there are many persons like myself whilst reading this Book stopped in awe at some of the similarities in your life and theirs…I sure did. I just want to wish you great success and may the Lord above continue to richly bless you and your family.”

April 3, 2014
“Thank you for sharing your visions with the world…”

Tue, Mar 11, 2014:

“I came across your book by chance at @AmazonKindle. Not finished yet, but really felt 2 let u know I’m touched & inspired!! GBU! Although, by chance… God doesn’t do coincidences, He does …Purpose!”


Why Are We Fighting Against Each Other?

What I’m about to write here today is something that I believe all of us, as Christians, need to hear. God is truly disappointed in the way that we have failed to unite as a single body. When I was growing up, my father was Catholic and my mother was Methodist – they still are. We never attended the Catholic church to my recollection as my mother’s church was where we often went. My father was not really a church-goer although He believed in God. Although I attended the Methodist church while young, my siblings and I were christened in the Catholic church. However, when I became an adult, I went under the ‘non-denominational umbrella’ as I didn’t like the thought of being separated by denomination.

Now twenty years later, after going under that non-denominational umbrella, I was recently instructed by God to document certain things in a book entitled, Seeing Beyond the Natural, Student: Me … Professor: God. I would say that some things recorded in that book would not sit well with many ‘churchy’ – people who are led by ‘religion’ instead of by The Holy Spirit. Although, I am not Catholic, I was given a real-life revelation concerning purgatory or what one might call “The Mysterious Realm”. This is by no means what the book is about. Rather, it documents wonderful testimonies of miraculous healings, supernatural experiences, victories and insight that would inspire anyone whose heart is truly turned towards God – in spite of denominational boundaries. However, I realize that it may be classified in the minds of some as ‘controversial’. I would think that some die-hard supporters of certain denominations would not be happy with my findings pertaining to purgatory or whatever one might want to call it and therefore, not want to accept what God has clearly shown me as truth.  I anticipate that certain pastors might want to keep this literature from the grasp of their congregation mainly because if the truth be told, it would knock down the walls of denomination and they would have to face the fact that what they have been teaching may not be the whole truth when it comes to spiritual matters and they may feel as if another denomination will be highlighted as being correct to a certain degree. Thus… the separation I mentioned at the first part of this blog.

In spite of all the different denominations, we must know that Jesus never intended for us to be at odds with one another thinking that we have all the answers thereby putting on an air of arrogance toward everyone else. If we call ourselves Christians, we should always want to support each other in the work of our Lord putting aside mere traditions for the time being. It is reported that Padre Pio once said that Jesus appeared to Him and said that “My house has become a theatre of plays…”. Obviously fighting against each other and separating the body of Christ by denominations and tradition is not the way Christianity at its core truly is. What I have found over the years is that unfortunately, many pastors have ‘brain-washed’ people into believing that because they are of a particular denomination, they should not associate with others of a different denomination or even visit their church. The body of Christ has become too ‘churchy’ and full of tradition and theatrical plays that the average church-goer tends to be more into their pastor and the ‘idea of church’ than yearning and desiring a real meaningful relationship with God. Even before going to Calvary and giving His life for all of us to be saved, Jesus knew that there would be many leading His flock who would deceive His flock. People, I encourage you to get to know God for yourself. Sure, go to church, show your pastor honor and the utmost respect as he is your spiritual leader. However, you must bear in mind that your salvation is not totally dependent upon him by any means. He, too, is human and is inclined to make mistakes and sometimes he may teach simply what he has been taught by tradition, but your responsibility is to study the Bible and seek God for yourself because on that day when you have breathed your last breath, your pastor or spiritual leader will not be the judge of your soul. Neither do they have a heaven or hell to put you in. He will also have to answer for himself and if he didn’t get it right or deliberately misled you as part of the flock, he will be judged for that. You will be judged for the fact that you had the knowledge, which is the Word of God there for you to explore and study for the enrichment of your own soul and God was always available to you in prayer for guidance, among other things. You will not be able to cast blame on anyone that may have misled you particularly when you had the knowledge to search the truth for yourself.

The Holy Spirit takes residence inside all that are saved. The anointing power of God intensifies within us and through us the more we desire to know Him intimately – apart from our attending church and partaking in traditional ceremonies. When we can sit alone and yearn for God to direct us and draw nearer to us, we are being connected to Him in a deeper way. True lovers of God are not religious people. They are people who have a real relationship with God in a way that causes them to stand out from the crowd. People can sense when there is a strong anointing upon someone’s life – both saved and unsaved people can sense it. They may not always be able to put their finger on exactly what they’re sensing but they know that there’s something about that person that is remarkably different and in a good way. This is what we all should aim for as Christians – to truly be a light unto the world. How can we be that way if we constantly fight against each other and fail to support one another in the advancement of the kingdom? God is not pleased by this and whether we want to believe it or not, the fire in hell burns much hotter for those that profess Christianity and totally rejected the Ways, the Awesomeness and Reality of God – than those who never professed it.

I pray that those of us who are guilty of playing with God would take a long, hard look at ourselves. Examine our hearts and our motives and get it right in the sight of God. None of us are perfect – we all make mistakes, but God is looking at our hearts. He will judge us by the state of our hearts. I pray that we will unify as followers of Christ and make Him our top priority – above all others. All denominations should recognize that we are all one body – no single denomination has it completely right. Therefore, we should be willing to communicate with one another in order to learn from one another. The Holy Spirit, if He is truly within that person, will guide him in the truth. He will not be persuaded by mother, father, pastor, deacon, or tradition – he will be persuaded by the Holy Spirit. The separation within the body of Christ merely because of tradition benefits the kingdom of darkness more than it does the Kingdom of Heaven. God is not pleased.

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When Anxiety Takes Over…

Many people today are having such a hard time just getting through the day. Waking up for some in the morning seems like more of a task than a blessing. For others, waking up in the middle of the night worrying about finances and other issues is something that happens to them quite regularly. Life is full of challenges and sometimes, you just don’t know what to do or how you’re going to make it. Unfortunately, many have gotten so frustrated and burdened that they felt they just couldn’t take another moment of this existence and decided to end it.

I know what it’s like to be at my wits end. I know what it’s like to feel like just ‘giving up’. I remember those days very well and because I’ve had days like that, my heart is filled with compassion for persons struggling with those debilitating situations and thoughts. I want to let everyone know that there is hope. Tomorrow will come and things will get better. That troubling, seemingly insurmountable circumstance is subject to change. What you deliberately convince yourself of is what will either turn the tide or keep you in that particular state. You can pull yourself out of it. Just know that you have what it takes to do the work that is needed to be done.

If only you can see yourself the way your Creator sees you and not how others perceive you or even you, yourself at this point in time, your life will conform to that belief.  I hope I have encouraged you today.


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