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Mary Grisham, receptionist at J. Wilfred & Co, has been accused of a most heinous crime. Will the best lawyer in town be able to clear her name?

And on New Year’s Day, Carlton Newry filed a police report claiming that his parents, Clive and Matilda, had gone missing.
However, what initially began as a missing persons’ case soon turns into a high-profile murder investigation with Carlton named as the prime suspect. After all, the nineteen-year-old son of wealthy scientists had suddenly become heir to his parents’ immense fortune.

Branville, a favorite uncle, quickly retains the services of J. Wilfred & Co. on behalf of his nephew whom he swears is innocent.

Will Barbara Sandosa, paralegal extraordinaire and pastry-baking, undercover amateur sleuth along with sidekick, Harry Buford, be able to get to the bottom of this case?

And what extent would they go to – with or without their boss’s knowledge – to do just that?

Series overview:

Barbara Sandosa, a pastry lover and avid cook, works in her small town’s most reputable law firm.

And although she’s been hired to do a particular job, she finds herself prying into the private lives of her boss’s clients, unbeknownst to them and drags young Harry Buford along for the “rocky” ride. What she uncovers in some cases shocks the innocent minds of those in her community, including her level-headed boss who’s being handsomely paid to defend all who have retained his services.

Will Barbara’s curiosity literally save the day or will it get her into deep trouble – possibly costing her her job?


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