Some Children Keep Terrible Secrets…

After being bullied on the first day at her new school, young Rosie Cullen


has found a new friend in a mysterious loner named Cara. Rosie knows her only by her first name, but feels she has an obligation to be there for her in an otherwise lonely existence. Mira, Rosie’s gifted mother, allows the budding friendship for a time, but soon senses that something isn’t quite right.

Dark, disturbing secrets involving the strange little girl begin to surface and the Cullens will eventually discover that what they initially thought was a worthy deed has turned out to be an unforgettable nightmare.

Book three in the stand-alone Cornelius Saga.

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Little Known Fact About REAL ILLUSIONS

Real Illusions: The Awakening, which sat on Amazon bestsellers lists along with world-renowned horror and mystery writers such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz was originally penned more than twenty years before publication. With a little tweaking done to bring it more up-to-date to match our current digital age, Real Illusions: The Awakening was not initially intended to be the beginning of an entire Real Illusions series which now ends with the unforgettable episode: Real Illusions 4: War Zone.

The author, Tanya R. Taylor, after having written the original book in this series as a young adult (only starting the second book in her forties) was encouraged by an accomplished literary agent – who had suffered a series of personal tragedies which forced him to retire – to “stick with” Real Illusions: The Awakening – which decades later became an Amazon bestseller.

Books in this series:

  • The Awakening
  •  Rebirth
  •  Bone of My Bone
  •  War Zone

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The house and the woods behind it have a mind of their own…

A humble, beautiful woman becomes a murderer and a fugitive. A wealthy, young bachelor is not at all who he appears to be!

Two stories intricately intertwined into one suspenseful read!

Is it possible to be “good” with pure evil running through your bloodline? A tired mansion in the woods…

Dark secrets…
Beautiful French woman on the run…
Skeletons in a closet…

Matheson is no ordinary man, regardless of his seemingly perfect life. He shares the DNA of Pure Evil and fights to keep his true identity a secret from those around him.

Then come the hooded figures in book 2 that appear after the birth of his only child. Matheson soon discovers the terrifying reason for their sudden intrusion into his already complicated existence. He is faced with a decision that would ultimately affect his young, gifted child or a multitude of innocent human beings.

Will he have blood on his hands?

There’s just one way to find out.

New book reviews!

New book reviews!

Here’s one:   5 stars
Review by:  Optimistic  on Jan. 11, 2015
“I had borrowed this book from a friend before I went and purchased my own copy and I just had to write this review. I love how the author combined the two stories: That was fantastic. The book was detailed and the characters well developed. Real Illusions was really captivating and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. This is obviously a real author with real talent and I can’t wait for Real Illusions 2! I would urge the author to see how fast she can publish the next one because this novel/series is a winner.”