A changed town. A new secret. A missing mother and her son. Will the truth behind their disappearance be far too much for this town to bear?

Hewey, Rob and Samantha have gone on with their lives, but they’ve never forgotten their best friend, Jase. They’ve decided twenty-five years after the incident to come together to find out what happened to him and his mother, once and for all.

The shocking truth surrounding their absence will bring the trio to their knees.

The final exciting installment in the popular Hewey Spader Mystery Series.

“Can the three friends find their lost companion OR will the mystery… like that bizarre incident…25 years ago….continue to haunt them FOREVER!! Read and see.”- Bookbub reviewer


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Mira Cullen is prompted to fly out to The Bahamas to meet a man her brother Wade must introduce her to. Daniel Smith believes it’s providence that a chance encounter with Wade has resulted in him meeting the one person who could possibly bring to light and put to rest an age-old mystery involving his beloved mother. Smith, a product of “the contract”, which took place decades earlier — deems it an opportunity that literally sustained the lives of many, but in whose clutches also stole the life of the one person he loved more than anything else in the world.

Will Mira’s attempt to uncover the truth ultimately grieve the one who yearns for it? Or will the final discovery prove to be bitter-sweet?