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“Eloquent. Beautiful. Soulful. A winner!”
– Parris Afton Bonds, Co-Founder of Romance Writers of America, New York Times–bestselling and Namesake of the Parris Award

“A gritty, bone-deep story of a tortured and traumatized little girl, rising from the ashes like a phoenix to become a healthy and healed woman, who is a force to be reckoned with. This tale will break your heart, dragging you through the ugly world of abject abuse, and just when you think you can’t bear another page, it’ll flood your senses with hope, truth and love. Grab your tissue box and a glass of wine – you’re going to need it for this grim, but inspiring, journey of triumph.”
– Summer Prescott, Publisher and Bestselling author of The INNcredibly Sweet Series

Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, and dynamic Author, Diane Morasco, shares her knowledge, insight, and personal journey in her hard-hitting debut novel, “Even Tough Women Can Crack Like Eggs Sometimes”.

At the age of eight, a few days after her maternal grandmother’s passing, her mother struck her face continually shouting she wished she had never been born. A short year later, at the tender age of nine, her uncle, a police officer, began sexually abusing her. It was this monstrous battering and lethal asphyxiation of her soul that caused something powerful to rise up within her and cry out for justice – the kind of justice that only comes from a life well lived.

Though the road was more than rocky, and filled with dangerous pitfalls in childhood and well beyond, Diane Morasco wouldn’t change the expressway through hell that she was destined to travel to get to where she is today. The accomplished and secure businesswoman was blessed with having three “earth angels” who set her on her journey of healing and redemption. The first angel saved her life, the second angel breathed life into her and the third angel showed her just how precious her life is.

“I did not make it through the darkness — I set a blaze to light my way out.” – Diane Morasco



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 5 star review for a powerful, paranormal love story:
“I’m not quite sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this book. I thought it would be a little supernatural tale with a small romantic spin. Well, what I got was a sad, but hauntingly beautiful tale of love lost and found, past and present. It was so well written and I cried like a baby in the end. I’ll definitely check out more work by this author, I’d like to see what other spooky stories she has to offer.”
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