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You might be alone in your room thinking if things could get any worse than it already is. You’re right. It could be worse later, tomorrow or maybe a few weeks from now. Nobody knows maybe the earth will suddenly shatter into pieces or a meteor might hit and wipe out our existence. Nobody…

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Today’s Wisdom Key

Don’t go into this new year with a heart full of worries and frustration. You were never meant to fight these battles alone. Complete self-reliance in hope for a positive change to come creates even more burden since without God, we can do absolutely nothing. Let Him help you along the way; let Him be your Rock as He is the only one who can get you where you really want to be.

Today’s Wisdom Key

One of the greatest satisfactions you can get in life is by showing kindness to others. Nothing compares to the feeling and nothing is more therapeutic to the soul.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Some people will continuously disrespect you and insult your intelligence as long as you allow them to think that it’s perfectly okay. Pay close attention to actions—they tell you all you need to know.



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