Today’s Wisdom Key: Planting Seeds

It’s amazing what one seed can turn out to be. These sugar apples are the first two from our tree. I remember my kids and I planting the seeds years ago in the garden and now, look what has sprung up!
Same idea with everything else in life. We’re always planting seeds – in our kids’ future, our families, our goals, our dreams. Whether we realize it or not, we’ll reap a harvest, whether good or bad. Make it a point every day to plant good seeds, so that your future and those of your loved ones would be better and brighter.

Today’s Wisdom Key

Many will admit that they’ve found themselves at the place where they were certain they couldn’t go on for one more day, one more hour, one more minute. The pressures of life, consistent troubles and hardships convinced them that it would be better to stop right there than to try to persist. Then, the next minute came, the next hour, the next day and they found themselves pressing forward. Bottom line: The strength that got you up and moving when you were sure you no longer could, is the same strength that will take you to bigger and better things – to your destiny – if you would be courageous and determined enough to continue the course.