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I decided to start a new blog specifically for rendering helpful tips to aspiring authors–things I’ve learned over the years that have helped me grow in my craft. Every day (or every other day), I’d like to submit a little something that may be beneficial to writers in general. Will try to keep it short, but sweet. The name I’ve chosen for the new blog is ‘Tanya R. Taylor’s Writer’scape’. I guess you can think of it this way: When you sit down at the computer or with a notepad in hand about to jot down details for your manuscript, you escape into the world that you’ve created. Real writers actually become a part of the world they have created while it is still under development, thus the name: Writer’scape.

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“At one point I was like ok the sad part is over then BAM here comes the tears again…”

Latest ‘CORNELIUS’ Review

May 12, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Ok so I just finished this book and it had me in tears at the end. At one point I was like ok the sad part is over then BAM here comes the tears again. Every person in the world hope to have (a) fraction of the love that Andy and Karlen have for each other. Not even death can end there love for each other and that’s where the Cullen family comes into play. Really this story is amazing and anyone would love it, so click away and get it.”

Review on Amazon by: Gabby






“No one’s out there,” Michael said.

“But I saw a woman!” Mira insisted. “She was standing right next to my bed!”

“A woman?” Sara’s expression was one of shock.

“Yes – a black woman wearing a long, white dress. It was all covered in blood. I saw her yesterday… at the Ferguson house.”

“Where?” Michael asked.

“The Ferguson house. Wade and I went over there to pick dillies and we walked a little further up the trail and saw the house.”

“You mean Cornelius’ house?” Michael asked.

“Cornelius? Who’s Cornelius?” Mira was puzzled.

“Come,” Michael took her hand with a slight sense of urgency. They sat down together on the bed while Sara remained near the doorway.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

When suffering through an extremely difficult situation, if in the midst of it, you can still manage to say “God, I love you” and mean it, undoubtedly, you have matured spiritually and have established a real connection with the Creator of this universe – our Father. With that in mind, you can rest assured that you will get through that difficulty, rise above the pain and emerge victorious in every area of your life. Your unconditional love for God will steer you into the miraculous.