She tucked her hair behind her ear, opened the car door and sat behind the wheel, simultaneously resting her purse on the passenger seat. Life for Belinda couldn’t get any better and to compliment her upbeat mood, she decided she’d listen to some rock music during the drive over to her friend, Marva’s house. After starting the car, she reached forward to switch on the radio, when she thought she saw something move on the floorboard of the front passenger side. Tilting her head, she zoomed in on the floor and spotted a long, gray snake slithering forward from under the seat. Then, her peripheral vision immediately caught something in the seat next to her—another snake, almost identical, was crawling over her purse. With her heart pounding and a shrilling scream stuck inside her throat, without a moment to spare, she yanked open the car door and got out, slamming it shut behind her. It was then that the scream finally escaped and, in a flash, Cindy and Wanda appeared in the doorway of the parlor.

“What’s the matter?” Cindy was concerned.

“Snakes! Snakes are in my car!” Belinda was standing a good ten feet away from her car.

“What?” Cindy’s eyes widened with shock.

“I found snakes in my frigging car!” she repeated.

Cindy hurried over to her. “How did they get in there?” she asked.

“How the hell am I supposed to know? I just want them out!”

Wanda was now standing on the front steps looking out at Belinda with a subtle smile on her face. She always wanted to see the overgrown baby suffer.

“Wanda! Go get Jimmy from the back!” Cindy exclaimed. “He’ll get them out.”

“Your maintenance guy?” Belinda asked Cindy.

“Yeah. He’s not scared of anything. Bravest man I know—even braver than Charlie.”

Jimmy arrived in the parking lot shortly thereafter with a white bucket in one hand and a long tree limb in the other.

“I hear there’s snakes in your car, lady,” he said to Belinda.

Jimmy was a slim, straggly-haired man in his early fifties, the sight of which would make some people cringe with distrust, particularly if he appeared from out of nowhere on a dark, deserted road. Yet, he was the typical example of why one should never judge a book by its cover. Though he could pass for being homeless, the man had amassed a decent fortune through hard work on a miniscule salary over the course of three decades. He’d been working for Cindy for the past five years after retiring from a government department as a maintenance worker.  

“Yeah! They’re in there!” Belinda pointed, rather annoyingly.

“Well, let’s go get ‘em out then!”

“Let’s?” Belinda gave him a menacing stare.

He backed off towards the car. “I meant me.”

He peered through the driver’s side window first, then moved over to the back door.

“Wow! You surely have a whole community of snakes in there!”

“You call two a community?” Belinda scoffed.

With his head pressed against the window, Jimmy said, “I ain’t no mathematician, but I know how to count. You’ve got at least a dozen slitherers in here. Come see for yourself.”

Alarmed, Belinda glanced at Cindy, while Wanda continued observing from the front of the parlor.

“Are you kidding me?” Belinda asked.

Cindy walked over to the car and looked through the window next to where Jimmy was.

“He’s not kidding, B,” she said. “They’re crawling all over your car, even the back seat.”

Belinda suddenly felt faint; her heart beating wildly.

She went over and looked through the front window. “My God!” she whispered.

“Anyway, ladies. Now that you’ve seen what we’re working with, let me get these good ole boys outta here and back into the bushes where they belong.”

Belinda quickly returned to her previous spot and Cindy joined her. Jimmy put his bucket down near the tire and opened the back door. He then reached inside with his tree branch and calmly extracted the snakes one by one, dropping them into the bucket. Belinda inwardly squirmed at the sight of the reptiles and even turned away for a while as Jimmy proceeded.

“These boys are harmless, little lady,” he said as he peeked under the seats to ensure he’d gotten all out.

“What do you mean by harmless?” Belinda said, looking his way again.

“These are hognose snakes, if I’m lookin’ right. They wouldn’t have done nothin’ to you other than give you a good scare by just being themselves.” He grinned.

“What’s so funny?” She glared at him.

“You must’ve really pissed someone off for them to put snakes in your car. You’re lucky they didn’t choose a rattler or some other kind that wouldda done you in nice and good.”

He shut the car doors, picked up the bucket full of snakes and headed to the backyard.

“You sure you got them all out?” Belinda hollered.

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have closed your car doors, lady.”

“Thank you, Jimmy!” Cindy called out behind him.

Continuing on, he raised his left hand. “Welcome!”

Wanda shook her head.

“Are you okay?” Cindy rested her hand on Belinda’s arm.

“No! I’m not okay!”

“Maybe you should call someone to come meet you…”

“No, I can drive. I hate to go back inside that car, but I can.”

“I hope you find out who did this, B. It’s a terrible thing they’ve done. You could’ve ended up in an accident if you didn’t spot them before you drove off,” Cindy said.

Belinda sighed heavily. “I have no idea who would be stupid enough to do this. I… I thought I locked my car.”

Cindy gave her a reprimanding look. “We all know you hardly ever lock your car in the daytime, B. You were easy prey.”

“I’d better go now; I’ll see you later, Cindy.” She headed for the car, when suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. “Wait! Get Jimmy back here!”

“What’s the matter?” Cindy asked.

“He didn’t check the bloody trunk!”








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Today’s Wisdom Key

Do you see the glass as being “half-empty” or “half-full”? How you view your life is based pretty much on that very concept. Do you choose to focus on the blessings and all you have in this world to be grateful for? Or do you choose to dwell on the past and present hurts, disappointments and regrets? Whichever of those choices you make affects the mere “quality” of your existence, as your life obediently travels in the direction of your thoughts.

Interview With Tanya R. Taylor, Author of Infestation

Thanks to Yawatta Hosby for this Women’s Horror Month interview.


In celebration of Women’s Horror Month, please welcome my special guest Tanya R. Taylor, author in mostly the paranormal/supernatural genre. Please enjoy her insightful interview.   1. D…

Source: Interview With Tanya R. Taylor, Author of Infestation

Today’s Wisdom Key

After having been dealt with wrongly or unfairly, it is so tempting within our human nature to respond likewise to our offender. However, taking the high road is a much honorable position as it demonstrates not only to yourself, but also to the other person that you will not descend to their level. Be cool, be calm, be assured that Nothing has ever happened that God did not see.

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Introducing The Art of Storytelling with Morasco & Taylor



There are some awesome projects in the making for next year – great collaborations with talented writers who pride themselves on telling an unforgettably good story. I am happy to announce one of these collaborations which will take place between myself and the very talented Diane Morasco. We will provide interesting and helpful content for aspiring writers.

Official Introduction

It started with a whisper in The Granite State. It was this whisper that led Diane Morasco to take heed. Listening to the inner stirrings of her creative genius, she came up with an idea – she has a lot of those – and decided she wanted to give back to the community that rescued her from a chaotic childhood.

On June 30, 2016, she shared her vision with me and that day, The Art of Storytelling with Morasco and Taylor™ was created.

We know the importance of giving back and what better way is there than helping other writers cross over the bridge from aspiring writers to published authors.

Morasco and Taylor are Writers passing it on one word at a time!™

A Full Circle Moment – The Cover Reveal for ‘The Haunting of Merci Hospital’

How delightful this is for Diane Morasco to have revealed the cover of my upcoming Spring 2017 release.

The Official Diane Morasco Website™

My first introduction to the prolific storytelling phenomenon, Tanya R. Taylor was Haunted Cruise. Her thrilling tale led me to write “Tanya R. Taylor is the possessor of one of the most ingenious and infinite minds in the horror genre to come along since Clive Barker, Stephen King and Ruth Rendell.” Those words written in a review for Blogcritics caught the attention of America’s Most Haunted who tweeted, “With #HauntedCruise, author #TanyaRTaylor Joins Ranks of #Horror Greats.” High praise!

I am over the moon to reveal the cover for the second book in Taylor’s Haunted Series, The Haunting of Merci Hospital. I have been gifted a full circle moment with this honor bestowed to me by the enchanting wordsmith herself. And, yes, tears of joy are falling. Full. Circle. Moment.


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Today’s Wisdom Key

Your true friends are not the ones giving lip service to appease you when you’re feeling down. They’re the ones on the battlefield with you every step of the way: Praying for you, weeping when you’re discouraged, giving you a helping hand as they are able, keeping you near to their heart. Anyone can give ‘lip service’ and call himself a friend, but a true friend gets down on that dirty battlefield and fights alongside you. And when you’re too weak to go on, they keep fighting long after you’ve stopped.


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